Cold Calling vs Digital Prospecting – Let the Battle Begin!

Cold calling vs digital prospecting has long been a debate among sales professionals. If you’re looking to build high quality pipeline– and build it fast, you need to know what prospecting methods work best. Some say it’s just picking up the phone and cold calling. Others say you need to work with digital sales channels, such as LinkedIn, email or other social media.

Prospecting Methods of Today

Sales reps and sales leaders alike around the globe are looking to find out what the answer is. In the last month, there have been more than 100,000 video views and thousands of comments on LinkedIn debating how sales leaders can best build pipeline with different prospecting methods.

Sales quotas keep getting higher, and XANT research shows that only 64% of sales reps ever reach it. That means lost revenue and resources due to high turnover among sales staff.

What is the answer and more importantly what will bring results to solve the biggest challenge in sales – building quality pipeline?

We discuss the issue in our next sales webinar, created in partnership with Vengreso.

Gabe Larsen, VP of Growth at XANT has taken the stance that the phone is not dead and reps and companies should continue to use it as a tool in their prospecting arsenal.

Mario Martinez Jr, CEO at Vengreso argued the phone has its place but using social tools such as LinkedIn must be included.

Is one right and the other wrong? Are they both right or both wrong? The answer must be decided and the winner defined and the only way to do it is battle it out. One expert to another, face-to-face, mano-a-mano.

Cold Calling vs Digital Prospecting – Join the Webinar

In this virtual battle, sales leaders will learn:

  • The seven methods that must be considered in every prospecting situation
  • How leaders can maximize each prospecting method to win
  • a digital sales cadence designed to build pipeline and close more deals

This will be a fair fight with no cheap shots below the belt allowed. Watch as the epic match of the century unfolds in the discussion which methodology is best suited to building pipeline in 2018.

Register now to attend the webinar:

digital vs traditional selling - best prospecting methods

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