Dialer Software Forecasts B2B Sales Based on the Weather

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Does the weather affect the chance of getting a prospect on the phone?

XANT CEO and Founder Dave Elkington thought it might and decided to test his theory.

XANT is commonly known for its dialer software, PowerDialer, that has helped customers improve contact rates by up to 65 percent, increase call volumes by up to eight times, enhance contact analysis and boost sales team motivation.

Through its service of providing dialer software to thousands of salespeople across the country, XANT has collected and sequenced millions of anonymized profiles and sales transactions.

The answer to Elkington’s question is yes. Weather does impact a salesperson’s chance of getting a prospect on the phone.

Making smarter B2B calls with dialer software and predictive analytics

The real outcome, though, is breakthrough technology in predictive analytics, which leverages big data to help salespeople contact the right prospects at the right time with right message.  There are numerous predictive analytics offerings on the market, but most of them only score the lead based on characteristics of the prospect: company name, industry, employee size, job title, etc.

Elkington’s team has taken predictive analytics to a new level with its patented predictive analyics technology, Neuralytics.

“Neuralytics is a genuine scientific breakthrough, applying patented predictive algorithms, computational linguistics and environmental analysis to remove the mystery behind the selling process,” XANT VP of Research and Development Rob Christiansen said.

Neuralytics analyzes the impact of the weather on sales calls

Neuralytics technology analyzes external factors such as the weather, stock market dynamics, regional sporting outcomes and even day and time of the week to score and sort leads. Neural networks work like a brain, learning and adapting over time.

Now, not only does the XANT dialing software provide a complete sales communications experience with one-click call, email, fax, SMS and enhanced reporting, it also makes B2B sales calling smarter.Phone Dialer Software System

“The introduction of Neuralytics marks a revolutionary step forward in solving one of the most pervasive problems that professional salespeople face: Nobody answers my calls,” XANT Senior Product Manager Jared Haleck said.  “The traditional approach to this problem is brute force — simply dial more people. On the other hand, our state-of-the-art Neuralytics platform predicts which leads are most likely to pick up their phone and the best media to use, which isn’t always a phone call; sometimes it’s an email, text or fax.”

Future of sales and dialer software

The future of sales and dialing software is rapidly changing.

“This really is the next generation of science applied to sales and marketing,” Elkington said.  “Neuralytics enables sales managers to forecast more reliably and empowers reps to call on the best possible leads at the best possible times.”

See how XANT accelerates sales through science in this video:

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