Only 2% of Sales Leaders Maximizing Sales Data, Domo Research Reveals

Domo's Data-Driven Sales SurveyDo you get your sales data exactly how and when you want it?

Does your organization deliver it to you in real time, on mobile devices, in a format that’s easy to use?

Is your sales data timely, relevant and actionable?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you can count yourself in the Top 2% of sales leaders when it comes to data, according to Domo’s Data-Driven Sales Survey.

If you belong to the other 98% of sales leaders who still struggle with sales data, you probably recognize some of these common challenges:

  • 66% can’t access their data in real time.
  • 71% suffer from slow data analysis.
  • 38% don’t know what to do with their data when they get it.

This is keeping a lot of sales leaders awake at night – with 84% saying they rely on data to do their jobs well.

Poor access and visibility

Sales Data Challenges

Sales leaders feel fatigued because they must use multiple systems to access their data, and they spend up to an entire day each week creating and analyzing reports, the Domo research reveals.

Not surprisingly, 73% say they would consume data more often if they could see it in one place. And 66% would consume data more often if they could see it in real time.

Unfortunately, 60% have to wait for somebody else to help them access their data, and 38% report they have no access to the data they need.

With so many challenges, it’s easy to see why only 2% of sales leaders rate their relationship with sales data as an A- or better.

The best sales teams are investing in technology that helps them take full advantage of sales data.

What are your biggest sales data challenges? Let us know in the comments.

Becoming a Predictive Sales Organization

Free eBook:Becoming a Predictive Sales Organization

CSO Insights has reported that only 63% of sales reps met or exceeded quota in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, this number dropped to 58%. That’s because traditional sales organizations are built on rigid processes and static systems incapable of managing variability.

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