3 Google Tools to Check Before Starting a Business

Ken Krogue Becomes ContributorGreat News!

Ken Krogue has accepted an invitation to become a weekly Forbes Online contributor. If you are interested in keeping well-informed of new tips and techniques regarding lead generation  and sales management best practices, please follow Ken Krogue, President of XANT, on Forbes Online. You can view his first blog post by clicking the link below. Be sure to setup a free account and click the “follow me” link by his name, for future alerts regarding new blog posts.

3 Google Tools to Check Before Starting a Business

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Since the theme for this week on Forbes Online is starting a new business, Ken’s first post relates to using Google searches to help an entrepreneur refine his business plan when starting a new business.

If you have questions, a problem or frankly any topic you would like us to look into, please send your ideas to Ken, kk(at), or myself, janjohnson(at), directly.  We look forward to helping you improve your inside sales operation and expand your knowledge and career opportunities by sharing the knowledge and research we have access to.

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