Case Study: Fortune 500 Company Uses AI to Boost Revenue 28% in 3 Months

One major communications company in North America struggled to achieve meaningful revenue growth. For months, sales revenue had been flatlining. They had an inside sales representative (ISR) department of 200 reps, but many of them lagged in productivity. Sales were not aligned with Marketing, and reps were sending clients inconsistent messaging. They knew there was potential for growth – but did not quite know where the problem was or how they could fix it.

So, they asked XANT for a free assessment.

Initial results showed significant issues with the sales process: 50 percent of sales reps were making 80 percent of the dials. Sales reps were going after low value accounts, which meant that the company was losing money on every sales dial. Their CRM had over 50,000 high value accounts that the sales reps were not even engaging.

Digital Sales Transformation and AI

During a process of digital sales transformation which lasted a few months, they were able to increase productivity for their team and reach +28% in sales revenue, after using an Artificial Intelligence with their CRM tool.

This segment leader saw incredible results using XANT:

  • Using AI recommendations to focus on the right deals led to +25% deal size, on average
  • Talking to the right leads meant they can meet the customer where he is at the right time, reducing the sales cycle by 25%
  • Being able to predict which contacts are more likely to buy and what messaging they need created 101% more opportunities
  • Moving to an AI-optmized sales process increased revenue by 28%

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We’re past the point where AI is an abstract concept, taken out of a cheap Sci-Fi thriller. In the sales industry, Artificial Intelligence is being put to good use. Using data science, they determined that AI-recommended leads close at a rate of 3 to 5X times higher than the baseline.

Read our case study to see how AI produces real results for real people, with minimal effort and activity disruption.

Fortune 500 company uses artificia intelligence to boost revenue



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