Free Download: The Sales Template That Helped Us Build $1.5m in Pipeline

Sales is always about giving, rather than getting something. When a sales representative asks for 15 minutes of your time to present his sales pitch, it’s really important that they have something of value to give you in return. And if that something isn’t compelling enough, your sales strategy will tank. At XANT, we always start our sales pitch by offering value.

So we’ve created a sales cadence template for the “give-to-get” play. This sales cadence helped us build $1.5m in pipeline in four weeks, and now we’re giving out for free.

Giving in Sales to Get Back

There’s an art and a science to sales, and I think this sales strategy makes very good use of both of them. We started with the premise that all customers want something that can help them be successful at their business or in their profession. So we asked the question:

“What can I give my customer right now to help him be successful?”

Now, here’s where the science comes in. We knew that interactive content like assessments or polls convert better than any old static content. People want something they can actually use, or that can tell them something about themselves in the process.

Our audience is mainly made up of sales professionals, and we know that lead response management is a major concern for them.

And that’s how the Response Audit was born.

Creating a Valuable Offer

We created the website to test sales teams’ immediacy and persistency when it comes to lead response. This also allowed sales reps to compare themselves to industry benchmarks. Lead response best practices show that any inbound lead should get a response in under 5 minutes. Moreover, sales reps should do around six follow-up attempts to maximize their chance of getting in touch with the prospect.

This lead response assessment was a great way to offer something of value to prospects, something they can use to get better at what they do. It allowed us to tell them: “here’s how you’re doing today, here’s how you compare to your peers in our database, and how you can do better.”

The sales development team was able to start a meaningful conversation about how sales automation and AI sales tools can help them become more productive and efficient, increasing revenue in their company.

Over the course of four weeks, we managed to score 29 held appointments, 20 opportunities and $1.5 million in pipeline.


Download the “Give-to-Get” Sales Play Template

We have all this goodness summed up in the “Give-to-Get” sales play template. Download this sales cadence template to understand:

  • How to create a sales strategy meant to help your customer
  • What kind of call scripts we used to get our prospect’s attention
  • What sequence we used for our sales development follow-up to get a 70% appointment hold rate

the give to get play - the process we used to create 1.5m in sales pipeline

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