How to Close Big Deals /w Jason Krieger @C2FO

Anybody can be a sales rep – not everyone can be a playmaker. To be a playmaker you have to do things differently. It’s about time sales reps had the courage to against traditional sales, try out new strategies and to ask forgiveness rather than permission.

Jason Krieger is one of those guys. He’s not your stereotypical sales person that talks a lot. He’s contemplative, purposeful, and has an analytical ability that helps him build trust in a conversation.

Jason jumped on the Playmaker podcast to talk about the process he has used to close WHALES over his sales career. The information he gave me is priceless. We know there’s no silver bullet to sales, but there are principles and best practices when it comes to whale hunting.

How Close Big Deals In Seven Simple Steps

Jason’s sales process is a simple seven-step list, but it goes beyond the basics. Each point is carefully planned out so that you get the most results our of your work:

1.  Initial prospecting – Are you targeting the right people? Don’t waste time on people who can’t and shouldn’t help.

2.  First meeting – How much time are you spending to prepare for the first phone call? How about the first meeting?

3.  Additional meetings (2-4) – No great deal is won alone, so be sure to include your team where it is needed.

4.  Value meeting (ROI and initial commercials) – You’re not going get in the door with marketing material – show value with a personalized ROI.

5.  Contracting – Each company has their own acquisition process – and you need to map out your process to theirs.

6.  Negotiation and redlining – Always make sure to identify a champion or a coach that will help you navigate the prospect’s politics.

7.  Signature

I went through some of Jason’s points on a blog post published on LinkedIn, so you can also read my musings on this podcast there.

If you’re interested to listen to my whole podcast with Jason, click below. It’s pure gold!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The seven step process to reach the right customers and land huge deals
  • Why sales reps need to provide value through personalized ROI
  • How to make sure your selling process aligns with the customer’s acquisition process

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