How to Fit Social Selling Into Your Cadence Strategy

Social selling is all the buzz right now, as consumers are moving more and more to social networks and sellers are following them right through. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to introduce social selling into your sales cadence strategy. Too many IM’s, and your lead will block or report you. Give up too soon, and you’re bound to miss out on opportunities.

This is why I’ve come up with a game plan on how to fit social selling into your sales cadence strategy. It’s tricky, but not impossible, so watch the video to understand how you can include social in your daily sales routine.

How to Include Social Selling in Your Sales Cadence

I’ve chosen a sales cadence template that we regularly use with the XANT Playbooks software. I’ve modified it to include social elements and followed through every step of the cadence to show you how it works.


My sales cadence includes 13 total sales activities (attempts to engage with the lead), and it’s broken down into different types of activities.


On the sales media, this cadence includes: 3 phone calls, 2 voicemails, 0 texts, 4 emails, 4 social and 0 high impact mailers.

That’s overall 13 touches. This cadence is designed for someone who is working in a relational sales model, focused on bigger deals.

The sales rep will start out a bit passive, with a social interaction and with an email, and then they will follow up with phone calls, emails, and then move to calls, voicemails and social.


You should leave around 2 days in between interactions with your prospect, but not much more than that. The passive communication like following the lead, comments on social or email make it possible to engage with your lead often, without being too aggressive.


The sales activities span out over a duration of 12 days. It’s a little bit short on the duration, but not too bad. In some cases you will want to extend that.

playbooks screenshot - social selling sales cadence

Show Your Lead some ‘LUV’

One of the concepts we use with Playbooks to increase our social activities is the ‘LUV’ concept – leaving unsolicited validation. That means either following your lead or the company on social media, connecting with them without engaging further. This shows your lead some social love, without looking too sales’y or intrusive.

You should certainly include this in your social selling strategy as much as you can. The Playbooks sales software makes it easy to follow through your cadence and connect with your lead through all these different mediums, without skipping a step!

Follow a Social Selling Sales Cadence With Playbooks

Playbooks will show you all the activities you can take with your contact, in the sequence of the cadence we selected – and allow you to do actions straight from the CRM interface. Just add your contact, select your cadence and GO!

Watch the video to see how you can include social selling into your sales cadence!


how to fit social selling into your sales cadence strategy

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