How to Use Email to Identify Buying Signals and Close Deals

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For good, and sometimes bad, email is an indispensable part of inside sales. It helps us keep a pulse on our prospects, lets us memorialize our conversations, and can give a gentle nudge when a deal has stalled.

In fact, according to the XANT research report “Optimizing Business Communication,” email is the preferred communication method for business professionals.

And here’s the good news: With the right tools, email can sometimes tell you more about your prospect than what you get by being in the room.

Consider what happens after you hit send on a proposal. Normally you have no idea if it was read.

Imagine the power of knowing not only if it was read, but if they also forwarded the proposal to someone else in the office.

That’s where Vision, XANT’s email tracking tool, really shines.

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Not only does it give you important buying signals that reps can see, but both field reps and inside sales reps can get additional information about what happens behind closed doors when they aren’t around.

Vision uses proprietary tech that can track more granularly than any other tool and feeds those insights, in real time, right into an interface in your inbox.

What is Vision?

Vision is an email tracking application that delivers real-time alerts to sales reps when recipients open emails, click links, download attachments and visit webpages.

Along with those alerts, reps and managers have access to a host of features designed to help send the right messages at the right time to maximize sales revenue.

Vision gets an update

For years, Vision has been known as the most bullet-proof, addictive email tracking solution on the market. Building on that success, XANT is excited to announce enhancements to Vision that help reps sell faster, sell smarter and sell more.

The following are four new features that’ll make it seem like your reps have sales superpowers.

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1. Integration with Outlook and Gmail

Vision seamlessly integrates with Outlook and Gmail. Alerts pop up and their latest notifications are always at their fingertips. Reps can be up and running in just a minute with little to no IT involvement.

2. Detailed reporting

Not only can you see the moment a prospect engages, their physical location and device they’re using to open the message, but you can dive in and see your entire email history with that contact.

Managers can get detailed information on templates and attachments, and find out what works and get reps sending the right message with the right materials each and every time.

3. Customized templates and attachments

Managers and reps can build customized email templates to help support a contact cadence and replicate success.

These templates are sharable with sales teams and easily accessible within Gmail and Outlook.

Most reps get nearly 40 minutes a day back by making email templates a part of their process. Sending out the right message and the right attachments with the click of a button dramatically increases the quality of messages and helps close more deals faster.

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3. Click-to-Call and PowerDialer integrations

Real-time alerts tell you the exact moment a prospect is engaging with your content and thinking about you. Vision integrates Click-to-Call functionality directly into notifications, so reps are never more than a click away from contacting leads when they are the most likely to take the call and convert.

4. Time emails predictively with NeuralSend

One thing matters most for every email: that it gets opened and read. Vision helps get your emails seen by prospects by predicting the best time to send an email using NeuralSend, built on the Neuralytics self-learning engine.

NeuralSend uses your history with a lead or prospect, with similar contacts, and nearly 100 billion sales interactions to determine when to send an email to maximize open rates.

More opened emails translates to more conversations and more closed deals.

Vision can also help you time emails based on custom scheduled sends. If a rep knows a prospect will be out of their office, an email can be timed to send out just in time for their return, leaving your message on the top of their inbox.

About Vision

Vision helps sales teams close deals faster by empowering them to respond immediately to buying signals. Vision is available as a part of the XANT platform or as a standalone product.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial here.

To discover how you can dramatically improve your email prospecting, download the free ebook below.

How to Make Email Your New Favorite Sales Tool

Free eBook: Make Email Your New Favorite Sales Tool

Get a sneak peek into the future of Vision, XANT’s new email product with predictive analytics, email tracking technology and the world’s best email to CRM sync.

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