Infusionsoft Review: Overview, Features, And Pricing

Considering Infusionsoft for your business? Then keep reading for some of its benefits and customer reviews.

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  1. What Is Infusionsoft? 
  2. Benefits and Specifications of Infusionsoft
  3. Efficient CRM Platform
  4. Organizes Business Contacts in One Place
  5. Marketing and Sales Efforts Automation
  6. Online Selling Tools
  7. Unlimited Emails
  8. Payment and Invoicing Tools
  9. Infusionsoft Pricing
  10. Infusionsoft Reviews

Infusionsoft CRM | Overview, Benefits, and Reviews

What Is Infusionsoft? 

Infusionsoft is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) digital platform that allows businesses to integrate their e-commerce, marketing automation tools, and social media sites in one ecosystem.

This platform empowers its users by enabling them to map each step of their sales and marketing strategies. At the same time, it helps users save time by automating repetitive tasks, such as following up with customers.

Also, its CRM tools help organize all the customer interactions and daily activities in one space. Through this, business owners can deal with basic business issues in less time.

Businesses can also get new leads they can eventually turn into loyal customers. The automation tools also help sell online while enriching personal relationships with customers.

By automating selling efforts, Infusionsoft enables businesses to have a consistent brand messaging.

Overall, Infusionsoft can boost businesses’ reputation while offering professional and efficient services.

Currently, Infusionsoft caters to small businesses. To date, it’s already being used in more than 20,000 small businesses to streamline their CRM with all their third-party software.

Benefits and Specifications of Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft has a lot to offer to your business. Here are the top benefits and features it offers:

Efficient CRM Platform

Infusionsoft can help you organize your sensitive documents, client information, and marketing information all in one place.

Streamlining data allows users to access any data at any time and anywhere they want. Users can also adjust the data access parameters, so only authorized employees can access specific data. This helps you maintain your business data and monitor if any Data Privacy concerns will emerge.

Also, the platform helps you link all your business’ activities in one ecosystem. This functionality can empower you to create quick business decisions using real-time data.

For example:

  • You’re in an offsite business presentation with a client.
  • While pitching, you can already offer a customized sales quotation by just plugging in field inputs in the software. This saves you the effort and time from setting another meeting just to present your quotation.

Its CRM tools will also help create faster inter-departmental collaboration. Your finance team can access the data logged by your sales team to create a financial forecast based on real-time data. This helps all departments become more forward-looking and share their own insights faster.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Definition: A kind of software that streamlines and automates all your business’ processes. It helps you connect to clients more efficiently and effectively.

Organizes Business Contacts in One Place

Infusionsoft offers easy migration of client information from your devices to the platform.

It also helps you organize your sales data by letting you create custom fields and tags. Through this functionality, you can set personalized appointments, online sales, and payments.

You can also simultaneously send unlimited emails and updates to these contacts.

This can also help you create hyper-targeted campaigns for specific customers based on your sales history with them.

With Infusionsoft, you can store up to 10,000 contacts, but the actual number of contacts would ultimately depend on the package you avail.

Marketing and Sales Efforts Automation

Another huge benefit of Infusionsoft is its ability to automate your business’ marketing and sales strategies.

Infusionsoft can help you create automated workflows for different teams.

Its marketing tools can also help you build web pages quickly. Different packages have various built-in industry-specific templates and drag-and-drop campaign builder functionality.

When you avail of a package, the technical support team will also reach out to you to help you set up your sales pipeline, reporting, and dashboard.

Sales Pipeline Definition: A sales pipeline is a visual representation of your business’ sales prospects. This pipeline can also help you monitor your sales agents’ performance, and if they are close to achieving their quotas.

This marketing automation feature will help your business spot emerging trends and react accordingly, as based on real-time data.

And, more importantly, this advanced feature will also help business owners have a 360-degree perspective on the business in just a few minutes.

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Online Selling Tools

You can also sell your products and services using Infusionsoft’s online storefront, shopping cart, and order forms. At the same time, you can manage your sales pipeline through the platform.

Infusionsoft has functionalities that help you automatically qualify leads. It can also set reminders and send scheduled emails for you.

The more advanced Infusionsoft packages offer guidance on basic e-commerce setup, as well as internal business setup.

These advanced packages can also offer basic integration help, including advanced Marketplace integrations.

Marketplace Integration Definition: A kind of online service that allows users to sell their products or services to different online marketplaces. It enables businesses to reach more customers and easily sell on different websites.

Unlimited Emails

Through the platform, you can send out unlimited emails to your contacts. You can reach out to up to 10,000 contacts, depending on your package.

The platform’s responsive email builder is user-friendly, too. It has a built-in assortment of email templates. The builder also lets you create your own set of customized templates.

This functionality also enables you to trigger broadcast emails to clients and to employees, to keep in touch with everyone easily.

It also helps you customize your emails’ content, depending on your clients’ preferences.

And, as a business owner, this can give you a flawless way to send out daily reminders to your employees so they never miss out a deadline.

Payment and Invoicing Tools

Infusionsoft can also help you match your payment and invoices easily.

Because of its user-friendly interface, the platform is usually described as an industry standard sales tool.

The platform helps you comprehensively track your sales pipeline and monitor where all your customers are at in the funnel.

The tools can also speed up the process of sending data from one department to another. If your finance team needs to ask information on client purchase, then your sales team can deliver in just a few minutes.

Through Infusionsoft, the process of sending out invoices can be automated through online forms. This makes your internal processes less prone to human error as well.

Infusionsoft Pricing

If you wish to avail of these functionalities, you may check out the different Infusionsoft monthly pricing and packages below.

  • Basic — $199/month
  • Pro — $299/month
  • Premier — $399.month

The more advanced packages offer more hours of coaching sessions with an Infusionsoft team.

  • In the basic package, you can get a coach-guided implementation of your first marketing campaign.
  • But in the premium package, Infusionsoft will assign a project manager that will monitor your project from beginning to end. This also includes post-setup training sessions.

Infusionsoft Reviews

If you are curious about the different Infusionsoft reviews, then check these out below. These feedbacks are from Capterra, which is one of the country’s leading business software review websites.

Truly, Infusionsoft CRM is a powerful online solution that can help your business streamline its processes. It has different functionalities that can provide you with a panoramic view of how your business is doing.

There are different packages available to you. Find out which one can cater to your business’ needs the most, and make the most out of it.

Have you tried using Infusionsoft? If you haven’t, which feature are you most excited about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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