How to Integrate Social Selling into Your Traditional Sales Process w/Gabe Villamizar @Hirevue

Social selling can be misleading. Reps can’t just social sell. The best reps have learned to infuse social selling into their day-to-day sales process. In this episode, Gabe Villamizar talks about how he’s coached hundreds of companies to use traditional as well as new age social tactics to find, engage, and close more deals.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Is social selling real? – For most companies it is not because they’ve tried and failed. But, my feeling is they’ve tried to do it the wrong way.
  • What is the current state of social selling? – The buyer has changed and the buying cycle has changed.
  • What is social selling? – Social selling is using social media channels to accelerate the sales process. That means to identity, engage, and close deals as fast as possible.
  • Which social selling KPIs should companies be measuring? – There are currently not great apps to track social activities so you need customize your CRM to ensure activity metrics are captured.
  • What are you top social selling apps? – Charlie App is still on top of my list for pre-research. I love for personalized email automation.

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