How Much Money Did U.S. Sales Teams Lose by Staring at the Sun?

The solar eclipse happened and it was a good thing. A lot of people across the globe gathered and enjoyed the celestial event. I for one was dragged to Idaho to watch the actual event close to the area of totality, where apparently you could get the best view possible. It was fun and the family and I enjoyed the whole experience. Now, leading up to the event there were a handful of publications who tried to estimate how much productivity would be lost due to the event. Being data-driven junkies like we are, we decided to look at our Neuralytics data set and see how what happened to sales teams during the solar eclipse.

***WARNING*** We report this data in fun, we enjoyed the eclipse as much as anybody else.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How much the U.S. lost in estimated productivity
  • What happened to sales teams during the solar eclipse
  • How much the solar eclipse cost U.S. sales teams
  • Why events such as a solar eclipse are important for individual engagement

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