The Path to Artificial Intelligence: Digital Sales Transformation

Technology doesn’t amount to much if it’s not properly implemented and it doesn’t produce results in the business environment. Going through a digital sales transformation is vital if companies are to adapt to the changing market. The digital sales transformation is about leveraging data and science and optimizing your process to help you sell more.

I’m here to run you through the process of sales transformation, and show you what this means to business results.


Phase I: Sales Productivity and Effectiveness

The first phase of sales transformation is the productivity phase. While XANT specializes in AI for sales, this phase doesn’t really include any concepts of Artificial Intelligence. It’s the first step – during which we drive productivity and collect data to learn more about how sales reps engage and how they reach success in an organization.

Phase II: Profiling Buyers

In the second phase of digital sales transformation, you use predictive models to identify who your buyers are. This means finding out their industry, geographics, title levels, firmographics and other characteristics like how they prefer to be contacted.

Phase II: Profiling Sellers

The next step of digital transformation consists of profiling your optimal buyers. Using cross-company data you can find out who your buyers are. This means you know their characteristics, tenure with a company, cycling of their pipe and their ability to produce new opportunities. This allows us to make prescriptive recommendations on what they should do to generate more pipe and increase their close rate.

Phase IV: Custom Artificial Intelligence Implementation

The last step is about leveraging the data that goes through this journey. If you work with XANT to go through a process of digital transformation, you will experience a progressive increase in the amount of data we use for the predictive models.

To sum up, the process is progressive:

  • We collect information to see how sales reps engage and react
  • In the next two phases we collect the data around buyers and sellers involved in transactions
  • We create an output of custom data for a company to drive strategic and actionable insights on how to grow the business

path to AI - digital sales transformation

Using a custom setup for the predictive sales models, we can answer more questions than just who to sell to and how to engage with them. We can drive incredible results in just 90 days.

This is the kind of journey that produces over 20 percent revenue increase in a company.

See What AI Can Do For Your Business

If you’re looking to find out how you can be more productive and efficient in sales, try out the XANT NeuralScan. The NeuralScan will show exactly what Artificial Intelligence can do for your business, so you can assess the return on investment if you’re thinking about implementing this technology in your sales organization.

The NeuralScan is a AI-driven data scan which shows the forecasted benefits of prioritized sales activities in your company. You’ll basically be able to see the charts of what you’re doing right now, versus what you could be doing if you would implement AI recommendations in your sales process.

The NeuralScan takes only 10 days to complete and is built to help your digital sales transformation process.

Call us to see what AI can do for you!

see what artificial intelligence can do for your business

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