Playbooks gets a boost from Owler

We’re excited to announce the addition of data from Owler to the Playbooks sales acceleration platform.

Up-to-date data is an essential component of Playbooks, which brings the software directly to reps in their browser. Owler’s data has been proven by over one million business professionals to be the most reliable company information on the market, which is why we chose Owler to help sales reps get the scoop on their prospects.

Playbooks uses four kinds of external data to augment our Neuralytics database comprised of 110-billion strong (and counting) sales interactions.

Those are:

  • Demographic
  • Histographic
  • Geographic
  • Firmographic

See Owler data incorporated into the Playbooks sales acceleration platform.

Owler now supplies Playbooks with firmographic data, including revenue estimates, company size, industry, URL, logo, social profiles, and more. InsideSales also leverages Owler’s Competitive Relationship Graph to predict future customers and help reps take advantage of competitive intel and company-news to close more deals. The data now available in Playbooks is the same information within our web platform that helps our 1 million member community make their most important business decisions.

Up-To-Date Info is Essential to Sales

Savvy salespeople are leveraging Playbooks to prospect, prioritize and connect, as well as to automatically sync all activities to the CRM without manual data entry.Today, the typical sales rep struggles to manage up to 200 or 300 different accounts at a time, each at different stages of the sales cycle. Playbooks solves this difficulty by prioritizing and targeting specific accounts with personalized sales engagement plans, driving higher conversion and close rates. Additionally, Playbooks is also the first solution of its kind to follow across the web, even across multiple browser tabs, giving immediate access to critical sales resources, no matter what website the rep is on.

In order to make savvy account decisions, salespeople need to have accurate account data. That’s where Owler comes in. Every 1.3 seconds, members of Owler’s professional business community provide unique data and insights on private company revenue & employee estimates, competitive relationships, CEO approval ratings, likely business outcome, and more. Owler’s 12M+ company profiles from the most accurate and up-to-date account directory in existence. These real-time updates are connected to XANT via API, ensuring that their customers have access to the most up-to-date account information in the world.

Here are a few ways InsideSales customers benefit from Owler’s top-tier account data:

Lead mapping: Generating a huge number of leads is great. But you know what isn’t great? When these accounts float around, unmapped to accounts, where they can’t be scored and distributed to the correct reps. Now, thanks to Owler and’s’ Neuralytics, when marketers map leads to accounts, they’ll be able to accurately map and score the maximum number of leads.

Real-time account information: Sales territories matter, as does delivering the right leads to the right reps at the right time. Let’s say your company only does business with companies that generate over 20M in revenue, and your sales team has an account they’ve been itching to call, but it only generates 17M in revenue. When that company’s estimated revenue increases from 17M to 21M in revenue, that information is reflected in InsideSales via Owler real-time data integration. Now, your sales rep has the green light to work that account.

New companies added daily: Does your company sell to startups? Do you want to be the first to know of a new competitor of a company you do business with? Look no further. New companies are added to Owler daily, providing InsideSales customers with a ripe set of accounts to target with their solutions.

Clean data structure: New accounts are great, but duplicate accounts create problems. Owler automatically maps each account to the company’s URL—a globally-known, free and open standard that functions as a unique identifier and build’s Owler backbone of data. This way, you can be sure that each company in your system is uniquely and accurately identified. Any type of action, be it a cold call, cold email, marketing campaign, or anything else is connected to the correct account, and only that account.

Find new opportunities: Want to know where you’re likely to see success in sales? Leverage Owler’s competitive graph to help identify potential opportunities that are similar to current opportunities. Since sales reps employ similar strategies to go after similar, competing companies, using the competitive graph to pull in past successes can make your job simpler and make you more efficient.

The latest news: Easily discover trigger events with a concise summary of recent press on the companies you care about. When a salesperson lives in a platform like outreach, and they call an opportunity, they then have the most recent news on that opportunity. Owler provides sales reps with a distinct relevancy when making phone calls.

These are just a few of the many ways harnessing the most accurate account data benefits InsideSales users. This is also why more and more companies are leveraging Owler’s API to power their marketing automation, sales enablement, SaaS, and financial services offerings.

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