Cindy Chao, @Marketo: The 3 Principles of AI in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to solve the challenge of scaling content personalization in marketing. However, in order for it to be effective, it needs to be implemented without a lot of hassle, shows Cindy Chao, Product Marketing Manager at Marketo. Cindy gave us the three secrets on how marketers can implement content personalization with AI, without an extensive development team, during her speaker session at the AI Growth Summit hosted by XANT.

Customers Only Want to Talk To Brands Who Understand Them

Digital transformation has completely changed the way buyers interact with brands. It has also changed the way marketers have to interact with customers, explained Cindy. With everything connected and so many channels for marketing communication, customer expectations are changing.

“The bar for customer expectations is just higher than ever before today. Customers only really want to work with brands that truly understand them. Understand them as individuals, not as a segment or a group. Often, customers value this experience more than the actual price itself. This doesn’t stop here. The bar will continually rise, and expectations will continually change, especially when we are introducing new methods or new channels to interact with,” added Cindy.

Personalizing Content to Each Individual

Brands like Netflix or Amazon got very good at meeting customer’s needs, she adds. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, they are able to fully customize content to each individual, rather than market segments.

“Every time Amazon or Netflix interact with you, they treat you like an individual. The experiences that you have are completely different than the person next to you, so they’re completely personalized to you. For example, after today, when I leave work, I usually like to end my night with some Netflix. Every time I turn on Netflix, and I watch something, that’s an additional data point that they’re collecting on me. So they can further personalize what’s recommended to me,” said Cindy.

Once every customer gets used to this kind of personalized experience, they will come to expect it in B2B marketing as well. “In a B2B sales cycle, for example, you’ll start wanting those types of experiences, and you’ll start expecting that type of experience as well,” she added.

Delivering Content Personalization at Scale – Without Amazon’s Budget

Personalizing content can increase results by up to 88%, said Cindy, and marketers are constantly looking for ways to customize the content to their audience. However, not every company has the budget that Amazon or Netflix have. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can solve this challenge, explains Cindy.

“How do we deliver those hyper-personalized experiences? How do we become Netflix and Amazon, or deliver those experiences like Netflix and Amazon? AI is what gets us there. Artificial intelligence. But it has to be AI that’s built for the marketer. Think marketer plus machine,” said Cindy.

Register for the AI Growth Summit to Watch the Full Session

You can watch Cindy Chao’s full speaker session if you register for the AI Growth summit. The summit is the first online event which gathers 30+ speakers to show how they implement artificial intelligence in sales and marketing to boost revenue.

Watch Cindy’s session to learn:

  • The three principles you must follow when evaluating artificia intelligence technology for your marketing team
  • How AI can discover the right asset and serve it to your customer at the right time
  • How you can deliver relevant experiences at every single touchpoint with artificial intelligence
  • Why you can’t stop personalizing when someone becomes a customer

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