14 Questions You Should Be Able to Answer on Every Pipeline Review Call

Every good sales leader runs a weekly pipeline review call with his sales reps. When done well, these calls help sales teams align to goals and focus on the right deals so they can crush their numbers. When they fail, it leads to frustrated managers and stressed out sales reps.

Sales Leaders Living in Spreadsheets

Sales reps and managers spend hours getting ready for the weekly pipeline call. Leaders in particular can sometimes spend up to four hours just gathering information ahead of the call. Data is often hosted in disparate, legacy systems, and they often need to put it together in a spreadsheet to make sure they have a clear picture of their sales results.

Yet they still miss sales targets, miss out on commissions and sometimes even lose their jobs. XANT data shows that by far the biggest challenge for sales leaders is building quality pipeline.

But sales leaders spend an inordinate amount of time just collecting the data and making sure it is being reported correctly. They spend too little time analyzing it and figuring out a way to overcome their sales challenges.

14 Questions to Ask During a Pipeline Call

Pipeline review calls fail to positively impact the business when they are not structured, consistent or data-driven. It becomes a dreaded meeting for both sales leaders and sales reps, and it shouldn’t be.

A great way to reverse this trend is to answer the right questions during the pipeline call.

Every sales team should be able to answer on pipeline review calls, beginning with:

  • How are we trending to quota?
  • What has changed in our pipeline?
  • Which reps require attention?
  • Which deals should we focus on?

Download our cheat sheet — “14 Questions to Ask During a Pipeline Call” below. It will help you strip down the pipeline information to the bare minimum and help you formulate a plan on how to attack your sales goals.

running the perfect pipeline review call

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