5 Reasons Sales Call Quality is the New Black

Sales Director“Can wearing black really give you a sales edge?” It’s a question our good friend Jill Konrath asked in her LinkedIn post on April 24.

Konrath ultimately concludes that wearing black might bring more boldness to the sales mindset, and boldness gives you an edge.

But what if there is a way to achieve that sense of boldness without worrying about the shade of your slacks?

What if sales call quality is the new black?

How do you achieve higher-quality calls? By making sure you are calling the right prospects at the right time and with the right messaging.

Here are five ways that sales acceleration technology improves the quality of your sales calls:

1. Prioritize your leads

“I’ve hesitated to initiate contact with senior executives,” Konrath admits in her post.

Using predictive analytics to score your leads on likelihood to contact and likelihood to close gives sales reps more confidence to reach out to high-level decision-makers when the data shows it’s exactly the right time.

2. Use the law of immediacy

“I’ve waited an eternity to call people back because I’m afraid they’ll say no,” Konrath confides.

Bold sales require bold response.

Immediate is bold.

In fact, immediate response research, detailed in XANT’s 2014 Lead Response Report, has proven that a lead called within five minutes of requesting information is over 10x more likely to answer and 4x more likely to qualify.

Dialing technology can enable you to respond immediately to leads and increase your conversion rates.

3. Power up with LocalPresence

To have more quality conversations, you have to get your prospects on the phone.

You can increase your contact rates up to 38% by using technology that displays a local number in each area code.

4. Increase your visibility

If you were cued into real-time buying signals, how much would the quality of your sales calls and conversations improve?

Email tracking technology provides this visibility by showing you when your prospects open your emails, click on links, download pricing sheets, and forward your messages. This kind of sales intelligence is solid gold, and it is bound to boost your boldness.

5. Automate your workflow

“It’s all about forward progress,” Konrath explains.

Sales reps sometimes get overwhelmed with repetitive tasks that distract them from hitting their numbers.

Click-to-Call software enables fast, efficient and organized communications. Giving you more freedom to do what you do best — have more quality conversations and make more sales.

Does wearing black give reps a deeper sense of boldness?


But with the right technology, you can feel bold every time you pick up the phone — no matter what you are wearing.

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