The XANT Super Bowl Sales Playbook

Super Bowl PhotoBelieve it or not, sales can be just as much of a contact sport as football. Finding the right sales target, formulating a sensational spiel, and closing a deal take the same hard work, determination and courage as hustling to the end zone with pigskin in hand.

These same attributes win on the field as football teams practice key plays, fight over fumbles, and take risks to win a big game. The XANT Super Bowl Sales Playbook shows a strong connection between the road to the championship and the path to sales success, outlining how savvy companies can adjust their sales strategies to win regardless of the final score.

Based on historical data collected and analyzed by XANT, this regional map shows contact rate changes of each team’s area of the country within each week leading up to the Super Bowl, as well as each of the five weeks after:

To see how contact rates change by week, click and drag the slider.

Additionally, ISDC discovered that for the four weeks after the Super Bowl, winning regions significantly increase their likelihood to accept sales calls while losing regions experienced a 29.1% decrease in contact rates. Here’s how the last three Super Bowls affected competing regions:

All champions take big risks, so here’s our gamble for Super Bowl XLIX: Through analysis of contact rates from previous Super Bowl winners and losers during the weeks prior to the big game, XANT foresees the Patriots walking away victorious this Sunday.

Think differently? Tell us your prediction and see the full article on Forbes.

Want more eye candy? Here’s another cool chart that illustrates how winning and losing affect contact rates:

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