7 Sales Techniques That Actually Work

Equip yourself with these sales techniques that actually work so you can sit back and watch your leads convert left and right.

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7 Sales Techniques to Help Salespeople Close More Deals

1. BANT Sales Prospecting Technique

When you’re prospecting new leads, it’s vital to manage their first impression of you. However, you should also identify whether a prospect is right for you.

It’s crucial you have the right prospecting technique to help frame the process. The BANT Sales Prospecting Technique is excellent for qualifying leads, primarily through cold calls or emails. Here’s the three-step process of putting this technique into action:

  1. Check whether the potential client has the budget for your service or product.
  2. Identify whether the person you’re in contact with has the authority for a purchasing decision.
  3. Figure out what need your prospective clients has to fulfill.
  4. Check whether the timeline when your prospective client wants to address their need matches with yours.

2. Solutions Selling

Sometimes, salespeople tend to be more focused on trying to make a sale and talking about the benefits of their service or product. They can end up neglecting the customer’s perspective. A great sales conversation shouldn’t be one-sided.

  1. Solutions selling is the best method that takes into account the problem of the client. It’s a technique that reminds you to keep the customer’s viewpoint and difficulties in mind.
  2. Afterward, you can then pitch your product or service as a solution to the problem.

Within your relationship with your customers, the key thing to remember is that both of you want something from the other. At the very least, both of you have something to offer.

Thus, what you should be communicating is what you can offer that will provide a solution or satisfy a need of theirs. This will then build a link between you and your customers, and you will both be on the same page easier.

3. N.E.A.T. Methodology

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Using the NEAT sales technique to establish trust

People are naturally more receptive to persuasion from trustworthy people. If you establish yourself as an authority in the field, then you can help smoothen conversations between you and your leads.

However, by trying to establish authority, some salespeople tend to forget to connect it with the needs of the leads. This issue is circumvented with the N.E.A.T. Methodology.

  1. Starts by acknowledging and addressing the need of the consumer.
  2. Discuss the economic impact of your product or service to them.
  3. To better close a deal, the next step will be to establish authority by providing access to influence.
  4. You can show authority by showing leads reliable sources that show approval for your service. A satisfied customer’s testimonial is an excellent example so they can hear straight from their peers.
  5. Act on these discussions and create a timeline for the promises or actions you can commit to your clients.

4. Inbound Sales Methodology

Approachability is a valuable quality for any salesperson. It makes interactions with prospects smoother and quicker.

Thus, a sales methodology that is innately approachable is an excellent framework. This methodology should have the buyers’ perspective in mind.

  1. You begin by identifying potential leads that match your target audience. Once you’ve identified who these people are, you can then try to connect with them. Social media is a great way to do this. However, the reliable old email way is also helpful as long as you make it personal and you establish your brand’s personality.
  2. Next, you get to know your prospect. Find out your prospect’s needs, business goals, and so on.
  3. Finally, you can provide professional suggestions for them to take action on.

This methodology is all about the prospect and less about you. This creates a significant relationship between your client and you.

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5. Social Selling

Social media platforms are a great way to communicate with people from all over. Unhindered by the tethers of physical boundaries, social media is an excellent tool for both sales and marketing, which work hand-in-hand.

That being said, salespeople should invest more effort into their sales closing techniques or looking for leads through social media. This technique is called social selling.

Social selling is all about nurturing your relationships with potential leads. You can do this through curated content or through social media customer service.

Some CRM or sales software also have social media integration in them. With that, social media management is now easier for sales professionals to do too.

6. LACE Objection Method

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LACE sales technique to provide solutions

When it comes to sales, it’s doubly essential that you’re proactive in seeking out solutions for your prospects. Thus, it’s crucial that you practice sales techniques that deal with objections.

One effective objection sales technique is the LACE Objection Method. LACE stands for Listen, Accept, Commit, and Explicit Action.

  1. First, you have to listen to the objections of your clients. After which, you should be open-minded to and accept their complaint as valid.
  2. Then, you now have an opportunity to create a commitment between you and your client. Once you’ve made a commitment, you must explicitly act on the commitment you’ve made with your client.

This method is a way of creating an opportunity from a previously foreseen problem.

7. Sandler Sales Methodology

We’ve mentioned before that a sales process should not just be a one-sided conversation. The Sandler Sales Methodology keeps this in mind with its sales processes.

The Sandler Sales Methodology is all about not only discerning whether your client can purchase your product or service. It also considers whether your product actually matches the needs of your client.

This methodology also doesn’t go for any twists and turns. The key here is to create contracts that guarantee commitments from both you and your client.

Use this methodology for your sales prospecting needs as it’s a thoughtful way of filtering through the various potential clients that you may have.

Above are a few of the best sales techniques that guarantee you results if you’re feeling a bit lost in the sales funnel. Whatever method, and whether you choose phone sales techniques or whatever medium you currently use, just remember to be empathetic to your prospects and maintain a relationship with them to have an even easier time closing in on a deal.

Which of the following sales techniques have you used and how did it go? Let us know in the comments section below!

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