Sandler Training: Is AI Ready for Primetime in Sales Training?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to have a wide range of applications in sales, as well as in sales training and coaching, shows Dave Mattson, CEO of the reputed Sandler school for professional development. Dave Mattson discusses the applications of AI during an online session for the AI Growth Summit hosted by XANT.

is AI ready for primetime in sales training?

Is AI Ready to Role-Play and Coach Salespeople?

Sales trainers are already able to use AI in product training today, says Dave Mattson. While it is not ready yet to take on complex tasks such as role-play and coaching, the technology will keep improving to a point where it could improve sales training significantly.

“We can’t role play yet using AI, but I don’t think it’s that far away. Within a couple of years, I do think you’re going to have that situation. If you’re not getting role playing from your sales manager, or whoever’s mentoring you, you would have the ability to say, based on data, if you are having trouble converting a customer,” said Dave Mattson.

“Technology will very quickly be able to identify where in your process are you running into trouble because you may not even see the pattern,” added Dave.

Will AI Replace The Sales Role?

When discussing Artificial Intelligence, most salespeople are interested to know whether AI will displace some professional roles. The CEO of Sandler training expects some disruption, but the odds are strongly in favor of consultative selling, an approach which is far more common today compared to others.

“If you’re in a low cost, transactional type sales model, chances are that over a time, technology will take your job. But, most of us are in a different type of sale. And the bottom line is, people buy from people and they’re going to buy from people who they trust,” said Dave.

‘We are in the messaging businesses. Clients want to make sure that they’ve done due diligence and the type of company that they want to buy from is, represented by you, the sales group. That’s really important for them,” added Dave Mattson.

In addition, analytics and the ability to draw conclusions from data are not “a stick” for salespeople, adds the CEO of Sandler training, but rather can offer the opportunity to develop new skills. “It’s really is a carrot for you to develop the skills necessary to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be,” said Dave.

Join the AI Growth Summit to Watch the Full Session

You can watch the full session with Dave Mattson, CEO of Sandler Training, if you register for the AI Growth Summit. This is the largest event for sales and marketing professionals using artificial intelligence to produce revenue growth.

Sandler Training is a company with a tradition of over 50 years in professional development, that trains over 31,000 professionals every year. During his session, Dave Mattson discusses how you can use artificial intelligence in sales training to learn:

  • How to identify types of buyers, what messaging to use with each and what type of relationship you can develop
  • Why using holograms for sales presentations is very close to becoming a reality
  • How virtual playbooks can level the field between sales reps with 15 years experience and newcomers
  • How artificial intelligence helps in working with remote teams

Over 30 speakers from companies like Sandler Training, Marketo, Drift, Act-On, Nudge, DocSend and SBI will discuss strategies for AI implementation, as well as the results the technology can produce in sales and marketing,

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