State of Sales 2017 Infographic: The Sales Industry, at a Glance

Sales is constantly changing, as new technologies are innovating the way sales reps connect with their prospects and customers. We’ve summarized all that you need to know about the sales industry in 2017, in our State of Sales 2017 infographic.

How The Sales Industry is Changing

The recent XANT research, “State of Sales 2017” polled 1,151 companies. The study paints a clear picture of the sales structure, sales technology systems and sales people and compensation today.

The study shows 47 percent of sales reps working as outside sales. Around 43 percent are inside sales representatives, while sales development representatives make up 10 percent of this workforce.

Sales Technology Spend is Increasing

Companies are spending more today on the sales technology stack than they did three years ago, shows the study. Companies reported that, on average, they spend $4,581 on sales technology per rep each year. Compared to 2014, there has been a 22 percent increase in technology spend.

Smart sales systems, powered by machine learning technology, have proven they can help sales professionals sell more and sell smartly.

Users of the XANT platform can see a lift in their results by up to 30 percent.

You can download the executive summary of the State of Sales study:

Or you can check out the at-a glance infographic.

State of Sales 2017 Infographic

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