The #1 Priority of B2B SEO Content

Lots of great resources have addressed the question,”What, if any differences exist between the style and content of an SEO versus a PPC landing page?” states that a typical SEO and PPC landing page should serve the appropriate purpose, contain the right mix between content and call-to-action, and provide links to outside information and to the main home page of your Web site. says the only major difference between an SEO and PPC page is that the call to action should come early, and much more often on a PPC page— but that otherwise the concept is the same.

But how does this formula change from a B2C site, where the goal is typically an instant transaction, to a B2B company site, where a prospect’s buying decision may still be weeks or months away?

An outstanding article by Proteus B2B states that B2B decisions are “driven by risk and the avoidance thereof.” As a result, a B2B landing page must be more complete, holistically-oriented, and must present a clear, competitive, consistent message through content, style, and feel.

“Your ability to establish confidence and credibility by writing intelligently and persuasively about your product and your company—and your ability to clearly articulate complex selling propositions—will determine whether you continue to be considered as a potential supplier. Therefore, not only does the landing page copy need to be compelling, but copy on every other page as well.”

The goal for B2B SEO and PPC is to simply get on the prospect’s list of vendor choices—and THEN use compelling lead management and lead nurturing techniques to STAY on the list of choices.

Remember too that the offer type is a huge key in lead conversion and response management. The offer type—trial/demo, white paper, webinar, ebook—must align with the prospect’s goals and buying strategy just as much as the PPC and SEO content that got them there. If the content isn’t consistent and compelling, they’re going to find another direction to move.

Proteus said it best: “Inclusion in the consideration set” is the #1 priority of B2B SEO.

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