Top 10 Inside Sales Posts of 2013

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“2013 was a good year.”

You’ll be telling your grandkids that some day. But for now, it’s simply fun to reflect on the best of the year that was. We’ve pulled together a list of the most popular inside sales posts from our blog in 2013.

They cover a wide range of topics, from CEO insights to lead gen research to motivational sales quotes.

Let’s take a trip in the time machine and look at the best posts from the past year.

10. What CEOs Want in a VP of Sales

XANT CEO Dave Elkington reveals what he looks for in a VP of sales.

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9. 5 Fascinating TED Talks Every Inside Sales Leader Must Watch

A quick look at five fascinating TED talks that will help you understand your inside sales reps better and how to motivate them more effectively.

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8. How to Win Big-Name Customers Like Wal-Mart and Disney with Giant Blue Roosters and Disco Balls

If you walk through the doors of Domo, you’ll see a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, blue lights spread throughout the building and a giant 9-foot-tall blue rooster sitting next to the desk of that month’s top salesperson. Sales-driven cultures like this outperform the competition.

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7. 4 Simple Questions That Will Transform Your Sales Process

Jill Konrath shares four important questions that will transform your sales process.

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6. What Separates the Top 13% of Salespeople From the Bottom 87%

At a typical organization, 13 percent of sales reps bring in 87 percent of the business. Find out what the top performers do that the others don’t.

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5. Why Social Media Is Overrated for Lead Generation

A growing number of companies are using social media to promote their products and build their brands, but an XANT study reveals that other methods are still more effective for generating leads and awareness.

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4. 15 Songs to Get Your Sales Reps Pumped

Nothing inspires us like music. Maybe that’s why so many people read and shared this post. You’ll find hit songs from Eminem, Christina Aguilera and Creedence Clearwater Revival, just to name a few.

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3. Oracle’s Social Selling Expert Reveals B2B Secrets

This one is all Jill Rowley, all the time. Oracle’s social selling evangelist packed a ton of useful content into her presentation at the Inside Sales Virtual Summit. This summary of her session shows you how to embrace modern sales tools.

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2. 11 Insanely Useful Dreamforce Links

Dreamforce attendees are frothy animals. That much is clear. And, apparently, they also love links. This roundup of restaurant recommendations, vendor tips and things to do made its way around the Web. If you’re going to Dreamforce 2014, a lot of these tips and tricks will still apply.

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1. 23 Motivational Sales Quotes to Fire You Up

Fire yourself up with motivational sales quotes from Zig Ziglar, Jill Konrath, Kraig Kleeman, Stephen Covey and others.

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