The Truth About Social Selling


We might have had a little fight, Koka and I. Fight might be too strong of a word, a gentleman’s disagreement is probably a better term. I started the debate with a post poking the bear, declaring that social selling was dead. I felt my argument had some merit. I debated that the word social selling is confusing and the data is lacking to prove the worth of social selling. Koka saw the article and wrote a strong rebuttal and made some strong points. Koka and I started to speak offline and we decided we’d continue the conversation on the #Playmaker podcast. Thankfully, Koka and I came to terms and realized we have more in common than we thought. It’s all captured here, check it out.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

– How can you think about the value of social selling
– How should marketing and sales work together to deliver social selling
– What is the future of social selling

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