What’s the One Thing Sales Reps Can Do To Make More Money Today


There is a lot of talk about sales and a lot of that talk is just talk, it doesn’t lead to action. Sales reps need advice that is actionable, repeatable, and ultimately they need advice that leads to success. That type of goodness is hard to come by these days so it’s a breath of fresh air to hear people talking about what sales reps really need rather than what people think they need. Dianna Geairn & Shawn Sandy host The SellOut Show, a show focused on boots-on-the-ground conversations with real people talking about real results. Dianna and Shawn joined the Playmaker podcast to talk about some of their learnings and must do’s for sales reps to be successful.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

– What is the number one tactical thing sales reps can to do be successful today
– How can sales reps navigate the many sales acceleration systems offered to them
– Top books every sales reps should read

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