Playbooks for Account Managers

Protect and Grow Revenue

Account managers and customer success reps have the tough job of building relationships, closing renewals, and growing their portfolios. Playbooks will ensure they never let a customer slip through the cracks and will prioritize and guide their engagement with customers in the most effective ways.

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High-Level Benefits for Account Managers


Up-Sell, Cross-Sell, and Retain

Follow engagement recommendations that will consistently connect your reps to the customers most likely to buy more and renew.


Save Time and Stay Focused

Time-sucking administrative tasks such as data entry, record enrollment, and activity alerts are automated.


Connect With Clients

Maintain relationships with your clients with the help of automated and personalized messages sent at the time they are most likely to engage.

Increase Retention and Avoid Leaks

Avoid revenue leaks and grow existing accounts by consistently engaging with the right accounts in the most optimal ways. Get insights into which accounts are most likely to grow and how best to engage with them using Buyer intelligence to guide your efforts. 


Stay on Top of Every Account

You’ll never let too much time pass between interactions with the help of activity alerts and event triggers. Get notified when a predetermined amount of time has lapsed without activity on an account or opportunity, prompting you to reach out and maintain a relationship. Alerts can also be triggered whenever engagement occurs, giving you insight into what is going on with each account.

Never Miss a Renewal Opportunity

Get ahead and stay on top of every renewal. Playbooks will prompt you to reach out to a customer according to key customer milestones and your internal rules and processes. Chain engagement Plays together so Playbooks automatically enrolls opportunities into the correct stage, and progresses them until the renewal is signed. 

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