Prioritize Outreach That Leads to Results

Playbooks™ doesn’t simply increase unwanted and untargeted outreach, it uses prioritization to ensure reps are always directed to the highest priority customers and tasks. 

Prioritize a broader view on revenue with Playbooks™. While other sales engagement platforms look at the level of engagement to predict outcomes, Playbooks goes deeper by utilizing data from buyer intelligence.

Save Time and Optimize Resources

The highest priority prospects, customers, and tasks are recommended to reps, guiding their efforts. Predictive AI makes the next-best-action clear—saving time, optimizing resources, and leading to quicker results.


Prioritization Rules

Set custom prioritization rules that guide your reps to do more of the right things. Meet your team’s goals as you create prioritized activity lists based on custom rules, AI score, or a combination of both.

Task Filters

Reps can filter activities by task value, record type, status, time zone, or any combination of criteria. This organization makes it easy for reps to prioritize their time and efforts.

Custom Sorts

Managers can create flexible prioritization rules through custom sorts that help reps prioritize daily tasks with up to 6 rules. These rules can incorporate AI, business logic, or a combination.

“Makes life of a salesperson easier, by helping automate tedious tasks and thus improving productivity. Playbook is exceptional to sort and prioritize activities for the day like emails/calls to the prospects. It's a huge resort when you have to navigate through volumes of leads. The tool is pretty user-friendly, self-explanatory, and has a fancy UI. I really like it has a scoreboard.”

G2 Review

“I love that I can upload a lead and it tells me when I have to call them. Much of my day used to be spent figuring out who to call. Now I can just call call call.”

G2 Review

How to Use Buyer Intelligence Data to Create a Repeatable Revenue Machine Whitepaper

How to Use Buyer Intelligence Data to Create a Repeatable Revenue Machine.

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