Focus on the Customers, Opportunities, and Tasks That Matter

Scoring in Playbooks™ identifies the accounts and people most likely to engage and buy. Reps are set up for success as they are easily able to prioritize their day, their time, and determine the next-best-action.

Customers using Playbooks scoring have seen up to a 21% increase in win rates.


Predict Closeability

Contacts, accounts, and opportunities are assigned a comprehensive score that indicates their likelihood to close. This score is valued between 1-100 and is based on collective data, CRM data, and 3rd party data.

Enable Reps to Do More of the Right Things

Reps can make the most of their time as they follow the leads that are most likely to yield results, increasing not only their productivity but also their output. Is it best to focus on a new lead or follow-up with an old one? A lead score can help reps determine what to do.

Increase Contact Rates 

Reps increase contact rates as they are guided with scoring to know exactly who to reach out to and the best way to engage with them.

Prioritize Tasks That Will Lead to Closed Deals

Tasks are given a numerical value to predict the likelihood of leading to a closed deal, allowing reps to prioritize their time and focus on activities that will lead to results. The combination of engagement and buying propensity scores compounds the value.

“The score at the top that shows the chances of a prospect answering the phone is always helpful as well so I know how valuable it is when I finally reach someone who doesn't typically answer the phone!”

G2 Review

“Previously I would follow up randomly after a certain time. Now I will follow up sooner for clients who engage, later for those who are less engaged.”

G2 Review

How to Use Buyer Intelligence Data to Create a Repeatable Revenue Machine Whitepaper

How to Use Buyer Intelligence Data to Create a Repeatable Revenue Machine.

Learn more about buyer intelligence, how to utilize it, and what it can mean for your sales team in our white paper.

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