Buyer Intelligence

The Data You Need to Win

Playbooks™ leverages proprietary buyer intelligence—powered by unique data insights into buyer behaviors—to guide sales rep’s activities, ensuring they engage with the right leads and contacts in the most effective ways across the funnel.

Your Reps Powered by AI

Buyer intelligence enriches in your CRM with data from 27B customer interactions and their outcomes—arming sales reps with the information they need to optimize future interactions. Buyer intelligence can predict things like who is most likely to engage, what time of day they are most likely to respond, and which method of communication is most likely to reach them. 

  • Understand Individual Buyer’s Behavior

    Buyer hints offer unparalleled insight into the behavioral profiles of your target customers and recommend how to best engage with them.

  • Reach More of the Buyer’s Committee

    Buyer maps recommend additional, relevant contacts for reps to engage who may influence a deal. Predictive recommendations for additional people may even come from outside your CRM.

  • Verified Contact Information

    Data Verify automatically publishes verified contact data based on successful past interactions, so reps don’t waste time trying to engage customers with bad numbers and email addresses.

Buyer Hints on mobile devices give sales reps data that they can use anywhere
  • Reach Out at the Right Time

    SmartSend analyzes prospects’ past interactions to ensure that emails are automatically sent when they’re most likely to see the message and respond.

  • More Time Focused on Selling

    Mobile and bounce detection identifies direct dial numbers, bounced emails, and broken phone numbers so reps don’t waste their time on outdated contact information.

  • Work on the Right Things

    Task value assigns each task a value based on its likelihood to yield revenue. This score is determined with a combination of sales prospects scoring, activity tracking, and outcome data.

  • Higher Contact Rates

    Data append automatically searches anonymized, collective meta-data for additional numbers and email addresses with a higher predictive chance of connection.

Connect With More of the Right People

PeopleFinder gives reps relevant contact recommendations (inside and outside of their CRM) verified by third-party data. Reps are enabled to reach more members of the buying committee, ensure contracts get renewed on time, and get insights into the contacts’ roles, level of influence, and channel influence—all to help them connect faster and close more deals.

“The data provided throughout the process allows us to make adjustments and create more efficiency.”

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How to Use Buyer Intelligence Data to Create a Repeatable Revenue Machine Whitepaper

How to Use Buyer Intelligence Data to Create a Repeatable Revenue Machine.

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