See the Bigger Picture

Know exactly what’s working and what’s not. Measure team and individual performance through key metrics that give insight into efforts and effectiveness. Manage outcomes as you gain insights into which campaigns deliver outcomes and which Plays lead to closed deals through a wealth of custom, cadence-level reports.

Insights show dashboards that track important metrics and KPIs

Call Metrics

View specific call metrics including dials, contact rates, call ring times, wait times for inbound calls, average talk time per rep, how many dials it takes to reach a prospect, and more.

Email Reports

See the emails that are being sent out, which templates are being used, what is getting replied to, bounce rates, and overall engagement.

Visualize Activities

Build reports with a data visualization engine—view sales activities by totals or by averages per day. View all activities organized by the team, by rep, their adherence to Plays and templates, and their results. Reports are published in native CRM reports and in-app impact reporting that everyone in the business has access to.

Account Penetration

Determine the progress on an account with insight into the overall activity level and impact.

Strategy Reports

Execute an effective strategy based on reports. Measure plays effectiveness, rep progress, and outcomes to make informed decisions that lead to more results.

Activity Dashboards

See how reps are spending their time and which efforts are most productive in the activity dashboards. Measure team performance and activity impact

“Playbooks is an amazing product that I use every day and can't do without! It brings everything in the sales process in one place. It is super easy to set up and use, and I love the visibility it gives me!”

G2 Review

“Easy to use...allows me to set my day up with ease and meet my companies metrics and KPI's. This tool makes me a better salesperson.”

G2 Review

Ready to see how effective your team’s efforts are (or can be) with Playbooks™?