16 Songs To Get Your Sales Reps Pumped

We have a list of 16 great pumped up songs for your sales representative teams. There are well known sing-a-long classics, along with some to get you thinking. We even included a few to get those feet tapping.

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How Music Can Motivate Salespeople

  1. You Gotta Want It – Roberta Gold
  2. You Get What You Give – New Radicals
  3. Lose Yourself – Eminem
  4. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
  5. Fighter – Christina Aguilera
  6. Live Like We’re Dying – Kris Allen
  7. Proud Mary – Creedence Clearwater Revival
  8. I Wanna Be Rich – Calloway
  9. Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin
  10. We Are The Champions – Queen
  11. We Are Family – Sister Sledge
  12. How Do You Like Me Now? – Toby Keith
  13. Start Me Up – The Rolling Stones
  14. Standing Outside The Fire – Garth Brooks
  15. Move On Up – Curtis Mayfield
  16. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

16 Pumped Up Songs To Motivate Your Sales Reps

How Music Can Motivate Salespeople

Few things have the power to motivate like music. The combination of an unforgettable hook and soaring lyrics can pump up your team of sales representatives.

We have put together a stellar line up of 16 ‘pumped up’ hits, some familiar, others to take your team on a new musical adventure.

Check out our songs to motivate your sales representative teams to stay motivated and hit those sales targets.

You Gotta Want It — Roberta Gold

Self-belief is at the core of sales. You take that self-belief to work with you every day to be a better sales representative.
If your sales representatives want to close that deal with their customers, let them know they ‘gotta want it’ with this song.

You Get What You Give — New Radicals

Stay focused on your “why” — the reason you do what you do. It will make a world of difference to you and everybody you interact with.
What you put into your sales; you get back. Good sales mean targets hit and job satisfaction. You really can ‘get what you give.’

Lose Yourself — Eminem

This is a song to encourage your sales team to listen to that inner voice that says you can do it. Push yourself to be the best you can be. Take pride in your successes. This is a pumped up hit song to remind your team that they have that inner fire. Take pride in hitting those targets as a team and as an individual.

Eye of A Tiger

No pumped up list can be complete without this Rocky classic. Sometimes your sales representatives need that extra 10% of motivation, and this is the song to do just that.
It’s a fun song, but at its core, it tells your sales representative team what they need to achieve to succeed, the eye of a tiger.

Fighter — Christina Aguilera

Fighter by Christina Aguilera is a pop hit to motivate. What doesn’t knock us down makes us stronger is the message of this song.
The combination of an artist with a powerful voice, amped-up music, as well as motivating lyrics is sure to create the formula for a sales motivation playlist that boosts your sales team’s motivation.

Live Like We’re Dying — Kris Allen

If every second counts, what could you have done with all that time you allowed yourself to be distracted? Kris Allen’s Live Like We’re Dying can remind sales representatives to be more conscious of their actions.
When they listen to the lyrics of the song, they’ll look back on all the time they’ve let pass by. We can’t go back, but we can take the lessons we learned, and move forward with clearer thinking.

Proud Mary — Creedence Clearwater Revival

Big Wheels keep on Turnin’. This is a classic pumped up song. The message of always moving forward is one to keep in the mind of your sales team. A company needs to keep on ‘rolling down the river,’ and it needs the motivation and hard work of its focused, forward-looking sales team behind it to achieve this.

I Wanna Be Rich — Calloway

Wealth comes in many forms; friends, family, and job satisfaction. Hitting targets is the goal of any sales team member. A rich and satisfying work-life can spread happiness in all corners of your life.

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Don’t Worry Be Happy — Bobby McFerrin

We all have rainy days, and a tune like this is the perfect pick me up on a Monday morning when the bed is just too warm. This song can add that spring in your teams’ step to get you up and out to start your week.

We Are The Champions — Queen

You’ll remember this famous pumped up song fondly from all those high school sporting events. This is a hit song for the ages, still as relevant and inspirational today as it was when you were a teen cheering on the local team. It is a great motivational classic to pump up the sales team and undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable to sing-a-long to in a team setting.

We Are Family – Sister Sledge

A company is a family. Like family, you grow by motivating and supporting one another. This hit from Sister Sledge reminds you that a team, like a family, needs to help each other to achieve their goals.

How Do You Like Me Now? — Toby Keith

When you first start to listen to How Do You Like Me Now? by Toby Keith, you’re greeted by a smooth riff that can gently rev you up to conquer the day. A song that will be relevant to everyone everywhere.

Everyone on your team has a strength and a value. Never doubt the inner confidence of any team member. Rejection is part of life; you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back in the game.

Start Me Up — The Rolling Stones

A pumped up classic by rock and roll legends. This is a great motivational song for your sales representatives, ‘give it all you got, you got, you got.’ Encouraging a team to achieve their own success and feel the satisfaction of doing so time and time again.

Standing Outside The Fire — Garth Brooks

The message of this motivational country classic is that you need to push yourself, take a chance. A good message for any sales representative.

Move On Up – Curtis Mayfield

Some songs are classic hits for a reason. This song by Curtis Mayfield will motivate those who may feel the road ahead is rocky, to keep on going, to move on up.

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

A classic hit that everyone will recognize, the soaring lyrics and loud guitar make this a rock classic to pump-up your team and keep the foot on the throttle for sales.

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With all of the pumped-up songs listed above, you’ll have a variety of theme songs that can serve as a playlist for your sales representative team. By taking a proactive approach to motivating your sales team, you can help them become more productive throughout the day.

Which of the pumped up songs are on your playlist right now? Let us know in the comments section below!


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