4 Informative Sales Podcasts for Inside Sales Professionals

Traditionally, podcasts have been used primarily as news, entertainment, and social commentary. But, recently some key players in the sales industry have taken the time to transform their content into valuable podcasts for sales.

Why is this helpful? Sales training can be extremely expensive. While nothing truly replaces a one-on-one, personalized training program, podcast are an underutilized resource for gaining quality sales training from industry experts.

We went through multiple podcasts related to the marketing and sales industry and found four podcasts that can provide you with the resources to boost your sales.

4 Podcasts for Inside Sales Professionals:

1. Sales and Marketing AlignmentRod Sloane

This podcast, by Rod Sloane, features interviews with some of the leading professionals in the sales and marketing space. This podcast is beneficial to everyone from a lead generation rep to the VP of Sales.

Some past guests of the show include our own Ken Krogue, president and founder of XANT. Based out of London, the show has an interesting perspective on international sales.

2. Linking Into SalesMartin Brossman and Greg Hyer

If interested in learning how to incorporate social media (LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ primarily), this podcast by Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer is excellent. This is a great resource for sales reps looking for additional sales tools to reach quota (basically every sales rep…)

Social selling is turning into quite a lucrative skill to have – if you understand how to use it correctly.

3. Increase Sales and Build Deeper ConnectionsMike Klassen

Mike Klassen’s sales podcast caters toward small businesses wanting to boost sales performance through client relationships and content marketing. He has also written a book by the same name if interested in having a tangible resource to help expand your sales performance.

Take a listen and see your revenues start to expand from the best practices and techniques shared by industry experts.

4. Sales Thinker RadioTodd and Todd

“Thinking… the world’s greatest sales tool.” That simple statement sums up the listener experience of Todd & Todd’s Sales Thinker podcast. These podcasts cover a wide area of sales and benefit all salespeople.

When you think about it, often times it just takes talking out a problem before you come up with the perfect solution. Learn from some of the best in the sales industry with this podcast.


5. The Sales PlaybookPaul Castain

One of our readers pointed out that I had excluded an important podcast when I originally published this post. (Thanks for pointing that out, Chris!)

This podcast by Paul Castain covers everything from Facebook for sales people to creating a “rock star” call plan. In fact, that’s how he describes his podcast, “Sales tips for the aspiring rock star!”

What podcasts have you found to be the most useful for increasing your sales skill and technique? Let us know in the comment box!

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