8 Interview Questions to Hire an Inside Sales Manager

Inside sales manager interview questionsTrish Bertuzzi of The Bridge Group, Inc., a prominent inside sales consulting and implementation firm, recently published a new blog article titled, “Want Sales Productivity? Be Fanatical in Hiring a Front-Line Manager.” The article discusses the current state of rapid growth within the inside sales industry and what companies can do to recruit the “A-players.” To answer the question, Trish Bertuzzi says, “If you want the best reps, make a strategic investment in your front-line sales managers.”

Trish lays out eight inside sales manager interview questions, broken into subcategories, which will help in finding the ideal front-line manager.

8 Inside Sales Manager Interview Questions:

Orientation & Approach

1. At your current/last company, who did you sell to?

2. Who developed the sales process for your team? How have you ensured adoption?

3. Can you share information on the top 3 deals that are in your group’s pipeline? If the rep for [ABC Opportunity] came to you and said, ‘this deal is about to slip to next quarter,’ how would you respond?

People, People & People

4. What does your hiring profile for sales reps look like? How do you attract candidates? How do you evaluate them?

5. What does your on-boarding process look like?

6. What is your approach to coaching? How many hours would you estimate you spend on coaching (per rep per month)?

Communication & Collaboration

7. How have you worked with other functional areas: marketing, product development, customer support, etc.?

8. What are you getting today from marketing in terms of leads, content and overall support? What do you think you will need in this position?

Read the full article on The Bridge Groups blog where additional follow-up and commentary about each question is shared.

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