A Friday the 13th Well Spent

Rather than avoiding black cats and cowering in fear from triskaidekaphobia, the team at XANT decided to spend some time on Friday, May 13 at the Food & Care Coalition offices in Provo, Utah. Ten XANT volunteers worked and cleaned the kitchen, and served meals to Coalition patrons.

XANT volunteers at Food and Care Coalition

Robb Young, Director of Operations stated afterwards, “This was so much fun and they [the Coalition] were extremely grateful for our time and effort serving their facility. We will be participating in more of these service projects throughout the year and we encourage employees to come and participate. This is a great way for us to contribute to our community and help those that are less fortunate.”

The Food & Care Coalition was founded in 1986, and incorporated as a 501c(3) non-profit organization in 1988. Since that time, the Friends of the Coalition has expanded its operations from meals and clothing to providing community workshops, job training for patrons, an in-house dental clinic, and more.

By the end of 2011, the Coalition hopes to complete its new live-in residence facility for Utah County at-risk populations, and establish new training opportunities using computer systems generously donated by NuSkin and others.

For more information about the Food & Care Coalition, to make a donation, or to ask about opportunities to volunteer, please contact:

Treva Christensen
Volunteer Director
The Food & Care Coalition

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