The AI Growth Summit Starts in June, Showing Strategies to Boost Sales

The AI Growth Summit from XANT, a select gathering of sales marketing professionals, debuts on June 20. Over 30 speakers will discuss artificial intelligence (AI) uses in sales and marketing. The summit will cover practical advice from top leaders on how to drive business results with machine learning technology.

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How Artificial Intelligence Solves Business Problems

Artificial Intelligence has been proven to increase revenue results by up to 30 percent in some cases. Analysts believe that the technology has the potential to solve some of the biggest challenges in sales.

Speakers from companies like Sandler Training, Sales for Life, Bombora, ExecVision, Zetta Venture Partners, Tethr, Drift and SBI have joined the summit to share their strategies and vision.

These are sales and marketing leaders who have successfully implemented AI technology and are experiencing growth and improved revenue results. The pioneers in the AI space talk through their technology and demonstrate how AI can provide that next phase of growth for your company and help you hit your number.

New Research on the State of AI

During the summit, XANT will publish the new State of Artificial Intelligence report. The study will reveal how consumers perceive and understand AI in a B2B marketplace. The last AI report from 2017 showed that consumers do not trust AI and it is slow to penetrate the B2B space.

Join the AI Growth Summit

The AI Growth Summit answers all of your questions about AI uses in sales and marketing.

Sponsored by Microsoft, Act-On, Marketo and Domo, the summit takes place on June 20-21 2018. Registrants will also be able to watch the sessions online on demand after the summit.

Register for the AI Growth Summit here.


AI growth summit - top companies share strategies on how sales and marketing use artificial intelligence to win

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