Cold Calling With Artificial Intelligence – The New Way of Selling

You’ve heard of cold calling right? Your first thought is probably of a telemarketer who grabs a phone book, calls you during dinner, and hopes to close a deal then and there for whatever product they are selling.. If that’s what cold calling is then that doesn’t sound like a strategy, it sounds like an annoyance.

Sales people have been doing it this way for years, due to lack of a better method. This gave sales calls a bad rep and with time, a lot of people just stopped answering their phones.

Thankfully cold calling has evolved with the rest of sales. Sales technology has made things a lot easier for the sales rep and a lot less painful for the customer.

Cold Calling, Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence

Let me introduce you to a concept called cold calling with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Cold-calling with AI turns cold calling on its head. Let me show you what I mean:

  1. With traditional cold calling, you choose a random list of accounts and start smiling and dialing. Cold calling with AI says you choose a list of accounts that are likely to buy from you and that are also considering your product or service at that particular moment.
  2. With traditional cold calling you call a lot of random 800 numbers. Calling with AI means calling proven phone numbers that have been tested by others.
  3. Traditional cold calling says you should call whenever you want whereas calling with AI tells you the optimal time to call to maximize your ability to talk with someone
  4. Traditional calling means calling blindly knowing nothing about your prospects. AI-based phone calls provides insights presented to the caller so you don’t have to spend precious time researching.
  5. Cold calling uses the same script on everybody while AI personalizes your pitch based on the different aspects of the individual.

The Old Way of Selling versus AI

Traditional Cold Calling Cold Calling with AI
  • Choose a random list of accounts
  • Choose list of accounts who are likely to buy from you and who are thinking about your product or service
  • Call random 800 numbers
  • Call proven phone numbers that have been tested by others  
  • Blindly call, knowing nothing about your prospects
  • Use insights presented to you so you know about your prospect
  • Use the same script on everybody you’re calling
  • Personalize your pitch based on the persona you’re calling

That that is cold-calling that I can get behind and that’s XANT Playbooks – cold calling with AI it’s like using Game Genie with Nintendo, you can’t lose.

Watch our video on LinkedIn about how we use AI for cold calling.

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