AI vs SD: Will AI Enable or Replace the Sales Development Rep?

Artificial intelligence vs sales development is the debate that is hot right now on social networks. There are those who believe that the sales development role will be replaced by a machine in the near future. Others think that there’s no way artificial intelligence can master something as complex as the interactions that take place in a business transaction. XANT will be hosting a debate to find out the truth: join our webinar, AI vs SD, and pick a side!

The debate is prompted as more and more companies are looking to automate some sales functions and become more lean and efficient in their customer response.

Companies are also looking at digital transformation processes, as they accommodate new buyer behaviors such as individual product research, price shopping online and consuming product marketing content, which bypass the traditional sales role.

However, most companies are still relying on the dependable stream of qualified leads that traditional sales development teams are producing. Sales development representatives are still the phone warriors that are working to contact and qualify prospects, keeping sales rep’s pipeline full of hot leads and the revenue stream going.

AI-powered Sales Tools Enabling the Modern Sales Rep

The modern sales development rep no longer works from a spreadsheet, as new sales tools that allow predictive insights about buyers allow them to work more efficiently and productively. Sales cadence tools allow sales reps to:

  • Predict who is more likely to buy from you, what product, and when?
  • When is the best time and method to reach a customer?
  • What are the best contact strategies and messaging to close a deal?

In a recent survey, XANT Labs asked over 600 sales leaders to report whether they think AI can take over the sales development role, and an overwhelming majority (78%) answered with a resounding “NO.” 

AI vs SD: Join the Webinar!

What is your opinion? Will AI end up replacing some sales development roles, or will it enable and support them, changing the way they do their day-to-day interactions? Join the webinar with Gabe Larsen, VP of Growth at XANT, and Victor Antonio of the Sellinger Group, author of “Sales ex Machina,” to learn more about:

  • How is AI being used in sales
  • What are the sales and marketing trends in AI for 2019
  • Sneak preview of the 2019 State of AI Research, a survey of 600 sales leaders

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artificial intelligence vs the sales development rep - will AI enable or eliminate the sales rep?

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