XANT Renews Partnership with American Association of Inside Sales Professionals

XANT, today announced it has renewed its long-standing partnership with the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP). As part of the partnership, the sales acceleration leader will be a marquee sponsor for the Digital Sales Summit in Chicago this year.

AA-ISP is the worldwide association dedicated to the advancement of the inside sales profession. The association provides a place for like-minded professionals to learn best practices in the structure, people, and processes of sales. It’s an organization focused on growing the inside sales industry and their careers.

“Our recent research shows the inside sales profession is on an upward trajectory,” said Dave Elkington, CEO, XANT, according to a company press release.

“According to The State of Sales report, which we created in 2017 in partnership with AA-ISP, inside sales professionals now represent nearly half of the entire sales workforce in the United States, and their numbers are growing. We expect this trend to continue, as sales leaders believe that in a truly effective sales organization, there should be an equal split between inside sales and outside sales professionals.”

In addition to confirming the growth of the inside sales industry, the report showed the time spent selling remotely by field sales reps increased 89 percent (24 percent to 45 percent) from 2013 to 2017. Sales leaders report their motivation for creating inside sales teams is “increased productivity.”

“Sales is still not taught in the curriculum of most universities, so it’s up to us and companies like XANT to help educate the next generation on the benefits of inside sales professionals,” said Bob Perkins, founder & chairman, AA-ISP.

“Combine the research from AA-ISP with XANT Labs’ best practices, and you have a powerful guide for sales strategies that are proven to work in today’s shifting markets.”

XANT was AA-ISP’s Acceleration Service Provider of the Year in 2016. As part of the renewed partnership, the company will be a marquee sponsor for the organization’s Leadership Summit. This is the largest gathering of inside sales leaders, to be held April 3-5 in Chicago.

AA-ISP association of inside sales professionals - digital sales leadership summit

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