How Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting Sales

Artificial Intelligence is here — and it’s here to stay. In the world of sales, it’s been proven to increase revenues for companies by up to 30 percent. Companies not using AI to power up their sales teams are already behind the game. But not just any AI solution works. Practical AI solutions come pre-trained out of the box, are easy to use and deliver results in less than one quarter.

One in Five Companies Are Interested in AI Solutions…

A report by market research firm Frost and Sullivan shows that Artificial Intelligence is the next development in sales automation. The advancement which will finally deliver a true information age.

According to the report, the market for AI sales tools is getting bigger:

  • 20% of all companies have plans to adopt AI powered solutions;
  • The market for AI applications and services will be nearly $40 billion by 2025;
  • The impact of AI on the global GDP will likely be on the order of $15.7 trillion by 2030 (PwC).

A wide majority of respondents in the Frost and Sullivan survey believe that AI is necessary (97 percent). Moreover, 83% agree that Artificial Intelligence features add significantly to the value of applications and hardware.

…But Most Don’t Have the Skills to Implement or Integrate AI

However, only 73% of respondents in the Frost and Sullivan survey feel they have the necessary skills and resources to implement such a solution. AI is perceived as a solution that comes with a heavy price tag and equires a great deal of involvement.

Sales teams operating in fast-paced work environments, with ever-increasing quotas, need results today.

“In the context of most enterprise applications, AI means machine learning, and machine learning requires, well, learning. Training AI takes time and a devoted and knowledgeable data science team,” shows the report. In many companies, such development resources are scarce.

The Solution: Practical AI for Sales

Frost and Sullivan identifies the solution as Practical AI: AI software solutions which come prepackaged with AI capabilities so that the enterprise doesn’t need to devote IT resources to custom development.

In the case of sales acceleration technology, this means solutions that sales professionals already use and understand, like CRM systems. When machine learning systems analyze CRM data, they can spot behavior patterns that lead to successful outcomes. They can connect sellers with buyers in order to build better pipeline and increase revenue.

Such solutions are easy to sell to executive decision makers and are popular with IT organizations as well, since they do not require inordinate amounts of support.

Join the Frost and Sullivan Webinar

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  • 90 day window to show results using off-the-shelf AI solutions without custom coding
  • Solutions that integrate with the CRM make everyday use easier for salespeople

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Frost and Sullivan webinar - how artificial intelligence is disrupting sales, with Gabe Larsen and Michael Jude

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