The Sales Cadence Tool You Need To Generate More Leads

Create an efficient and productive sales team with the right sales cadence tool.

In this article:

  1. Give Your Sales Team the Right Tools
  2. What Is a Sales Cadence and Why Do You Need it?
  3. How Software Can Help Your Sales Cadence Strategy
  4. Optimize Lead Scoring and Lead Prioritization
  5. Call the Right Leads with Phone Prospecting Cadence
  6. Get Visibility into Your Pipeline with Email Cadence
  7. Sales Cadence Timing
  8. Sales Cadence Frequency

Sales Cadence Tools | Use Predictive Analytics to Increase Preciseness, Efficiency, and Productivity

Give Your Sales Team the Right Tools

Finding the right sales cadence and then having sales representatives flawlessly execute it is a complex process.

Your sales reps can misrepresent their activities. They can commit deal-breaking mistakes when it comes to their sales strategy.

Sales cadence tools can help you automate your workflow. It can also increase productivity and generate more leads.

Sales acceleration software is a marketing automation tool that can shorten the sales cycle. You can also use it to drive revenue growth.

We designed the technology to help create faster, more efficient sales teams with improved performance.

What Is a Sales Cadence and Why Do You Need it?

Business meting in modern room | The Sales Cadence Tool You Need To Generate More Leads
 Using sales cadence tool to optimize sales

Sales cadence is a sequence of activities to improve contact and qualification rates. This is according to Gabe Larsen, director of Inside Sales Labs.

It has five elements. These are:

  • Attempts
  • Media
  • Duration
  • Spacing
  • Content

Ideally, your sales cadence should be specific to your company, your prospective clients, and your industry.

All these factors add a degree of complexity when creating an optimal sales sequence. Sales leaders around the world, though, need to put in the time to perfect their cadence strategy.

Optimizing your cadence when doing sales prospecting helps produce predictable revenue growth.

It’s not only one of the goals of an organization — it is the holy grail, and this is where sales acceleration software can come in handy.

How Software Can Help Your Sales Cadence Strategy

It’s very common for sales reps to be cadencing at random.

They will pick a sequence of sales activities comfortable for them. They do so without any regard for what works for the customer.

Sales acceleration software can take the guesswork out of prospecting cadence. At the same time, it makes sure your sales team is efficient and productive with winning sales.

Optimize Lead Scoring and Lead Prioritization

Automated sales acceleration technologies can help with lead scoring and lead prioritization. It will help you answer an essential question for your sales development reps: “Am I contacting the right people?”

Achieving targets doesn’t rest on making more calls. It also doesn’t depend on increasing engagement on social media.

It’s all about making the right calls at the right time — when your prospect is more likely to respond. Revenue acceleration technologies powered by Real Data can show you:

  • Who is more likely to respond out of all your contacts
  • Which medium they are more likely to prefer when you have multiple channels (email, phone calls, voicemail)
  • What strategies are best for each stage of the sales funnel

Call the Right Leads with Phone Prospecting Cadence

People calling using landline | The Sales Cadence Tool You Need To Generate More Leads
 Optimizing sales calls using cadence software

Sales representatives prefer to email rather than call. We know this for a fact.

This doesn’t change the fact that telephone calls are the most effective prospecting tool.

Sales cadence tools and software like Playbooks from XANT can help you determine the best time to call. It ensures your prospects can answer the phone.

The software will prioritize lists. This way, reps focus their time on the prospects who are most likely to pick up the phone and begin their buyer’s journey.

You can measure prioritization in two ways:

  • Likelihood to contact
  • Likelihood to close

Sales acceleration software will analyze trillions of external data points according to the sales process. It will also assign a score to each lead, ranging from 1 to 100, based on this analysis.

The higher the score, the higher your likelihood to close a deal.

You can now make cold calls a thing of the past.

This software can also increase sales enablement. Most of all, it can empower your sales team to contact the right leads.

Sales Enablement Definition: It’s the process involving providing the best-quality data, content, and tools to help sales teams become more effective.

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Get Visibility into Your Pipeline with Email Cadence

Email is currently one of the preferred tools of salespeople to contact customers or prospects.

Experts will tell you, though, it’s not the better option. It has lower contact rates than phone calls.

In the battle between phone versus email, the phone call definitely wins.

On the other hand, research showed the most efficient sales cadences include multiple communication options for sales outreach. These are telephone calls, voicemails, and emails.

It’s not worth ignoring any of these communication channels. Instead, it pays to be smart about how you use each of them.

With email, it’s best to contact leads as soon as they open your email or download whatever collateral or presentation you sent them.

The XANT Vision application will show you in real time:

  • When someone opened an email
  • Which of your contacts clicked a link
  • When a prospect visits their website and how long prospects viewed specific pages
  • Which attachments are most successful based on downloads
  • If they forwarded an email and to whom
  • Which content is most effective

This sales software will help you swiftly respond to buying signals. It will also increase your conversion by using immediacy to wow your prospects.

Strong sales cadence tools can easily increase productivity and efficiency for a sales organization. It promotes velocity sales.

Velocity Sales Definition: It is a measurement on the speed prospective customers purchased a product or used a service.

Don’t miss any sales opportunity from now on.

Sales Cadence Timing

Timing is almost everything when creating the perfect sales cadence. How do you know if you’re being too spammy? This can mean you get ignored, or worse, marked as spam. You don’t want to get written off by a prospect prior to even speaking with them.

Timing is critical to ensure you don’t wait too long between contact attempts. You don’t want to be forgotten about, but you don’t want to be too pushy.

Optimal sales cadence should mean:

  • Leaving one day at least between contact, and no more than four
  • Increasing the number of days between contact after each attempt  

If you use your CRM to consistently time your contact attempts and align these with your existing plans.

The ideal duration should be no longer than four weeks, but two weeks should be the minimum you try to make contact.

So be persistent and not too clingy.

Sales Cadence Frequency

Making contact through various channels will get the best results. Your content needs to be high quality and you need to aim for up to 15 touches per prospect.

If you only try once to contact a client that’s a lot of missed sales opportunities.

The Online Marketing Institute reports that it takes seven to 13 touches to deliver a qualified sales lead.

Twelve or more contacts boost performance by nearly 20% compared to co-workers who stop at eight.

Quality and quantity are important when it comes to sales cadencing.

Learn more about using a sales cadence tool to generate more leads and achieve predictable growth using A.I.-powered sales technology. Check out the XANT platform.

It will amaze you at what it can do!

Teams using sales acceleration software experienced revenue growth of over 30% in as little as 90 days.

What are your challenges with sales cadence? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

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The Sales Cadence Tool You Need To Generate More Leads

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on August 23, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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