Building a High Velocity Sales Team with Strategic Positioning (Part 1)

[This article is part of a multi-blog series on how to build a high velocity sales team. To the view the original 5-part webinar training series on how to build a high velocity sales team, conducted by Ken Krogue, click here.]

Everyone wants to know how they can generate more qualified leads faster. In a webinar by Ken Krogue, Ken shared his ideas of “How to Build a High Velocity Sales Team” through five different strategies.

Building a successful high velocity sales team begins with creating a strategic positioning plan. At XANT our strategic positioning strategy began with our 2007 founding case study. We put the findings to the test and applied it to one of our original clients, PeopleWise, a division of LexisNexis.

PeopleWise had experienced flat growth despite their continued hard work. To help them improve their productivity, we begin collecting metrics regarding their sales behavior as a team. Collectively, we determined they were making 20 calls per day and setting .5 appointments per day. After applying our principles with our solution we were able to increase their calls per day to 170 within three weeks. In addition, we also increased their appointments per day to 2.5. Basically, we were able to increase their calls per day by 8.5 times and their appointments per day by 5 times by applying best practices and data.

To begin building your own strategic position, start by asking the standard newspaper questions:

  • Who is the person within a company that you need to contact? Are they a decision maker?
  • What is the result of the product or service that you sell?
  • When are you needed? What pain or problem do you solve?
  • Where can your customers find you? Are you a website or a brick and mortar store?
  • Why are you in the business you’re in? What is your motive and why don’t people buy from you?
  • How should you take your product to market? Is it through E-commerce, direct response, lead generation, or inside sales?

By answering these questions, you can begin building a strategy that will allow you to grow a high velocity sales team. But until then, it’s like taking a shot in the dark.

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