Cold Calling Tactics for Inside Sales Reps from the Salesforce User Group

The Salesforce Users Group met in the new Adobe building in Lehi, Utah. During the meeting a lot of information was discussed and traded among Salesforce users. One of those things was the secret to turning a 30 second conversation into 3 minutes.

Brandt Page, from Launch Leads, shared how to turn a blow off phone conversation into something positive. And let’s be real – every sales rep has experienced this all-to-common phone call.

You pick up the phone, talk to the lead for a bit and then they ask the dreaded question: “Will you send me an email?” According to Page, every sales rep knows that translates to “Sorry, not interested.” The real question is how to turn the conversation on its head and keep them talking. It’s simple.

It’s important to accept that they want you to send an email, but the key here is to not hang up the phone. Using the system, sales reps have an automated email template that is already to go, they just have to plug in the right information about the lead.

When the lead says to send them an email and that they’ll follow back up with you, the XANT system allows you to send an email right away and ask them to open it before they hang up. The key to making the call a success is while you still have them on the phone you can ask them to check their spam folder to see if they got the email (since it is sometimes sent there). Sure enough, 95% of the time the lead will open the email right there.

After you get them to this point you can ask them to check the link to make sure it isn’t broken, Page said, and most of the time they will.

“This is amazing!” Page told the audience. ”They are now looking at exactly what we wanted them to look at and they had just told us no!”

In case you missed it. Here’s literally all we did. We sent them an email, like they asked us to. Then we walked through the email guaranteeing they are reading the information you wanted them to see.

Now here’s the trick. After you’ve gotten them to this point, simply ask them if someone could call them back in a couple days to follow up with them. Amazingly, a high percentage of the time they say yes.

This wasn’t the only useful take away from the Salesforce User Group meeting. A lot of insightful and intelligent information was exchanged with people to learn new tricks of the trade. If you’re interested in attending the next Salesforce User Group, check the Salt Lake Salesforce User Group website periodically for updates about the next meeting including location and speakers.

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