Positive Ways Companies are Reacting to Coronavirus

As the ongoing pandemic takes its toll on the economy, many companies react to coronavirus in a positive and supportive manner. Organizations, large and small, are pulling together to help their communities and citizens.


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How Companies React to Coronavirus in a Positive Way

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Communication for All

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As companies react to coronavirus, the communications industry is making positive changes to help ease any problems arising from the vast majority of workforces working from home.

Ajit Pai, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, introduced a new measure to the broadband and telecom industry called the Keep Americans Connected Pledge.

The idea is that for the next 60 days, US internet service providers support the nation. The pledge requests that no late fees are allowed to be charged, and there is open access to public Wi-Fi hotspots to anyone who needs them. Additionally, no business or residential services can terminate.

All major US broadband and telecom businesses have signed up to the pledge, and some are going further and offering more. For example, upgrades, increasing internet speeds for low-income families, waiving late fees for small businesses, or suspending data caps.

Similarly, Loom, the video messaging service, has made Loom Pro free for students and teachers at all schools K-12, universities, and educational institutions (and with no time limit). They have extended their free trial period from 14 to 30 days and lifted limits and reduced prices.

Other software providers who are offering 100% free services include Winning by Design, Qualtrics, Showpad, Tiled, PandaDoc, Muck Rack, and SalesIntel.

Free Meals

Many businesspeople or food and drink companies are offering their support by providing various groups of people with various refreshments.

The Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, is supporting local businesses by reimbursing any of his employees who purchased breakfast and lunch. They have to have been bought from independent local shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Chef José Andrés of LA fed hundreds of cruise ship guests quarantined because of the pandemic. He also transformed eight of his restaurants into community kitchens to feed anyone struggling during the pandemic.

Michael Lastoria, CEO of &Pizza, has told employees that they can get unlimited free pizza for themselves and immediate family members. He also gave staff a $1 per hour pay rise and 14 days of ‘health & safety pay’ to those with coronavirus, or those who came into contact with someone with the virus. Lastoria also extended the free pizza gesture to all hospital workers.

Restaurants are also donating food to community service programs or non-profit organizations to support at-risk communities.

Sick Leave Pay companies react to coronavirus

A very long list of organizations has committed funds to sick or affected workers.

Big Tech giants Alphabet, Amazon, and Apple are all offering unlimited paid sick leave to staff with symptoms of the virus.

Darden Restaurants who own the Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse have said all their hourly workers not currently covered by a corporate policy will get paid sick leave. McDonald’s and Uber are also paying sick leave for a fortnight for staff in quarantine.

Walmart has implemented an Emergency Leave program, providing time off for employees depending on a variety of coronavirus threat levels.

Donating to Hospitals

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Prada’s CEO donated two intensive care and resuscitation units to various hospitals in Milan. Meanwhile, Giorgio Armani has donated over $1.4 million to several hospitals in Milan and Rome, and the Civil Protection Agency.

Manufacturing Goods

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For example, Shine Distillery in Portland has started to make hand sanitizer to give away for free. The shortage has led other distilleries to follow suite as quite often, they cannot utilize the first batch of alcohol they produce. However, this alcohol is perfect for use in the production of hand sanitizer.

The parent company of Christian Dior, Guerlain, and Givenchy, LVMH, is looking to produce and provide free sanitizer to the French health authorities. So, they are using their perfume and cosmetic manufacturing facilities to produce the gel.

Free Services companies react to coronavirus

U-Haul is offering college students 30 days of free storage if university schedule changes have impacted them.


Supporting the local community has been extremely important to many companies. Even with closures and severe financial strain, businesses have been recognizing the need to aid employees, healthcare professionals, other independent businesses, primary workers, and basically anyone struggling throughout the crisis.

Further Help and Support from Xant companies react to coronavirus

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Are you inspired by the way companies react to coronavirus? What is your own company doing to support you or others during this crisis? Do you think they could do more? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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