Cut Lead Costs in Half and Increase Sales Revenue by 105 Percent

A client of ours recently increased their sales revenue by 105 percent by implementing PowerDialer.

Do I have your attention, yet?

Using a standard predictive dialer, our client was lucky if they made 25 outbound calls a day. By simply implementing our dialer solution, PowerDialer, among other XANT products, they easily increased their average outbound calls a day to between 75 and 100. That’s a three to four times improvement over the previous technology!

If the revenue increase didn’t get your attention, surely that did!

Utilizing older technology still common in the industry, this client, a Colorado Insurance Agency, was struggling to keep up with the leads it was generating. The dialer technology could only handle the most basic of lead management. It didn’t enable automation of the more complex lead follow up processes or conduct a perpetual follow up campaign to capture old leads at their renewal times – a huge problem for insurance providers.

As the leads kept coming in the Agency would get so far behind that the Sales Manager simply didn’t have the time before he could follow-up. “I’d ignore follow up tasks at the top of the list and jump down to make fresher contacts. This was not good. I was constantly being put in this position because the tasks and corresponding phone calls took so long to do. That was when I started looking around for better lead management tools.”

The search proved rewarding and PowerDialer delivered and then some. The average call volume coming out of the Agency increased by four times. Their sales revenue increased by 105 percent when comparing Q1 2011 to Q1 2012. As if that wasn’t already good enough, the amount being spent on leads cut in half.

This outcome is not unique among users of our solution. For further proof, check out the other case studies from our clients. Also, be sure to download our founding 2007 Lead Response Management Study which reveals when sales reps are most successful in contacting leads generated from the web.

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