ELF Receives Major Improvements in Latest Release

Diagram of how ELF works within the XANT predictive dialer.The ability to nurture your leads overtime through ELF just got a whole lot easier. With the most recent release of XANT’s ELF, users gain additional powerful features making their drip marketing and lead nurturing tools even more effective.

In the latest announcement, ELF now allows users the ability to trigger events based on actual dates and events. Previously, everything was done manually by selecting a frequency of contact. In the latest addition, for example, you can now enter the date of a tradeshow, June 6, 2012, and have ELF generate a campaign for exactly 3 weeks before the start of the date. This new feature allows campaigns to be more specific and more powerful in terms of relating the campaigns to events.

Additionally, this release allows ELF to update information in any database field. In the previous ELF, users could only change the status of the lead and the lead owner. But now, the ability for more automation has enhanced allowing the ability to update fields. Within the new ELF you can say, “If this happens, update this field with this value. If that happens, update that field with that value.” For example, if a client’s contract expires on a specific date, you can have the ELF update a field one week before ensuring that you contact that client immediately.

The new features honestly add endless possibilities to how they can be applied to individual companies and sales teams using our dialer platform. Besides these new features, ELF continues to supply the ability to schedule emails and faxes, trigger scheduled calls, create tasks and events, trigger a JabberDog, and trigger another ELF campaign.

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