3 Questions Data-Driven Sales Managers Must Answer

Not everyone hits quota. In fact, quota attainment has been in decline for 6 straight years. InsideSales Labs data shows that only 60% of sales reps reach quota attainment. In order to move the needle, sales managers need insights on how to affect the right kinds of change in their sales team

Those insights MUST include answers to these questions:

– How much money are you leaving on the table? (missed value)

– What’s the fastest way to get more value? (marginal value)

– How many of your highest value leads go untouched? (untapped value)

Getting these answers in real-time is incredibly difficult, and most organizations don’t know where to start.

That’s about to change.

XANT engineers have innovated the way to use, and deliver value with artificial intelligence (AI). We’re excited to announce the launch of Neural Insights™: a sales insights discovery tool that uncovers hidden revenue value so sales teams know where to focus.

Join the XANT Webinar:

Michael Murff, head of Neuralytics AI, and Aron Janmohamed, Head of Product & Customer Marketing at XANT, will give you a preview of this revolutionary technology. Using human judgement and insights offered by artificial intelligence, XANT can help all sales reps reach their sales quota.

Neural Insights webinar - Ai revals millions in invisible revenue

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