Breaking Open the Predictive Black Box

As sales pipeline continues to be the biggest problem in sales, marketing and sales leaders search for answers. Quota attainment is only 60% according to InsideSales Labs data, and this number has been steadily dropping in the last five years. To top it off, executives are expecting predictable, sustainable growth to please stakeholders.

Solving The Pipeline Problem

These are some of the most common questions you will hear in any sales or marketing meeting:

Where is the untapped value in my pipeline?
Who is most likely to buy from me?
What is the next best action to take, to reach quota?

In the sea of sameness, little progress is being made as companies scramble to compete.

Do you have a sales development team? Yes, but so does everybody else.
Do you have marketing and sales technology? Yes, but so does everybody else.
Are you running an account-based sales model? Yes, but so is everybody else.

If you’re just doing what everyone else is doing, how do you expect to win? You need to use these resources at your disposal in a way that makes a difference for your customer and your market, and that is no easy task.

Breaking Open the Predictive Black Box

The answer to the above questions and the solution to the biggest problem in sales is not more of the same. The solution is breaking open the black box of predictive and and successfully operationalizing artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the next big thing for sales and marketing.

Although AI will not replace marketing or sales, leaders who use artificial intelligence will replace those who don’t. We’ve teamed up with DiscoverOrg and Bombora to give you the scoop on the smartest AI sales tools that sales professionals are using today to make their quotas happen.

Join our webinar with Dave Boyce, CCO at XANT, Katie Bullard, CGO at DiscoverOrg and Mike Burton, SVP Data Sales at Bombora as they discuss:

How you can apply artificial intelligence in sales and marketing
What data truly predicts someone’s likelihood to purchase?
How AI can recommend sales actions to increase sales
How you can get started using artificial intelligence in your company

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