Sales Prospecting for the Pros

If you’re looking to have more conversations with the right people, persistence is key. Data shows that most sales reps today stop at sending an email or placing one phone call. The best sales professionals will not give up so fast. They create a sales cadence with multiple touch points, including a variety of sales communication channels: calls, texts, email, social media, voicemail, event direct mail and video.

At XANT, we’ve tracked and analyzed thousands of sales interactions with machine learning algorithms and found there really is a formula for success. When executed correctly, the right sales cadence can double your contact rates.

There’s an ideal duration, spacing, attempts, media, and messaging for each sales cadence during prospecting, and we’re about to tell you what it is.

Gabe Larsen, VP of Growth for XANT, and Michael Pedone, founder and CEO of SalesBuzz, are going to show you the winning formula for sales prospecting.

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– YouTube Video
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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

– Myths about prospecting
– What cadences work and don’t work in prospecting strategies
– Prospecting strategies that work

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