Debunking Tech Support Myths – Five Unique Aspects about XANT Tech Support

Three Must-Haves When Developing a Sales Onboarding CourseAt XANT, our Product Specialist team breaks the stereotypes of traditional tech support jobs. We offer applicants the chance to jump into a position that will transform into a growing career.

XANT is a hyper-growth tech company based in Provo, Utah. We currently have 15 Specialists on our team and are looking to double that number by the end of 2013.

Our Product Specialist team indicated five main differences between a job in tech support at XANT and other tech companies they have worked for.

#1- Growth– You are not intended to stay in tech support. The team is constantly growing and individuals are being promoted to other positions including, but not limited to: development, customer account management, sales, and implementation consulting.

#2- Culture– You work together on a team and you aren’t stuck in a cubicle. The open-concept layout in the office allows for easy accessibility and friendliness.

#3- Constant learning– You can learn as muchor as little as you want. Managers conduct weekly trainings, the company holds weekly trainings, and teammates are encouraged and often train each other.

#4- Attainable goals– Expectations are clearly defined and realistic. You will always be given the people and resources to answer questions and help our customers.

#5- Develop relationships with customers– Often when customers call in they will ask for you, and you actually want to talk to them! You may joke around a bit and actually go above and beyond to help them.

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