Why Rumors of Cold Calling’s Demise Are Scandalous Lies

There are some ugly rumors going around, and the only right thing to do is clear the air of all these falsehoods.

Cold calling is so not dead.

In fact, it’s still alive and kicking. It’s just been updated with the times. Let me show you how to cold call today without having someone immediately hang up on you.

First of all, there are new ways talking with prospects has improved. Kraig Kleeman, chairman of The Blaire Group, gave some insight in the eBook “The Art of Cold Calling and the Science of Contact Ratios” about how sales people need to learn how to be persuasive.

“Sales people ought to run lines, rehearse, practice and they ought to be held accountable to include systems and methodologies that will persuade,” Kleeman said in the eBook. “If cold calling is about anything at all it’s about the art and science of persuasion.”

Kleeman is right. One of the reasons that cold calling is failing is because people are focusing on the old school way it was done. They refuse to acknowledge the changes the cold calling process has adopted. In recent times, sales reps are using the art of persuasion coupled with research to bring new life to cold calling. But, it can’t just be any research.

As Kleeman said, “It’s critical that the research aligns perfectly with the outcome of the product or service that you want to get them interested in.”  Cold calling can be extremely effective if properly planned out with the right information, product and research at hand.

The old way of cold calling is dead, but a new and improved version is still very much around and effective. Anyone who says otherwise is just telling scandalous lies.

The Art and Science of Cold Calling

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